The Underworld


In the Aether between planes, there lies the Plane known as the Underworld. The Underworld is home to the three deities, Corantus, Aureus, and Ensatus.

Where the dead are concerned… when a creature or sentient being dies including gods, the 5 Devil Kings of the Abyss can place bids composed of souls or an offering known as a Soul & Plane Agreement. If the selfless deeds of the dead being outweigh each one of the 5 Devil Kings’ bids, the soul is transferred to the plane of that soul’s patron deity.

:: There are two ways that this court can be overridden::

~ “10 Year Privilege”. Once every ten years, a Deity can overrule the bid of a Devil King and save a soul. This is relatively uncommon among deities, but often when every Devil King wants that follower’s soul, a deity can step in a take it out of the Scale of Souls.

~ “Soul & Plane Agreement”. The Devil Kings can automatically secure a soul by giving Corantus control over their forces for 10 years. Corantus will often use these forces as spies on Merovia. Often when traveler’s meet demons of the Abyss on the mortal plane, it is usually because Corantus has that Devil King’s allegiance.

The Underworld

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