Temple of Apocolypticanum


These 7 fallen angels are known by many names. The Fallen, The Seven Bound, The Horsemen, The Gatekeepers, and The First Devil Kings. Each seven of these powerful beings were once the first angels of their god. The first 4 are condemned by their patron god because of some discretion they made against their lord’s will. The final 3 were given this role as they were believed to be strong enough to stave off the temptation of completely obliterating the realm’s inhabitants. Devotion was met with responsibility and untold power.

The Black War

Thousands of years ago, the first four of the Apocolypticanum were released. These four individuals under the command of Coranthus and the Prophetus Guild were to cleanse the realm and allow for a new race of his creation to be born.

Four mortal warriors stood before them and with their combined strength, they overcame these fallen angels. These heroes were then shackles to fate. There must always be 7. These 4 individuals were overtaken by this primordial law and now serve in their stead.

Each of the 7 Bound has a portfolio, cults, and signature forces…

1. Conquest
2. War
3. Famine
4. Death
5. Excorcism
6. Erasure
7. Rebirth

Temple of Apocolypticanum

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