School of the Iron Heart

The School of the Iron Heart focuses on pure weapon skill. Its students learn to complete fighting maneuvers that border on the supernatural. The Iron Heart’s preferred weapons are the bastard sword, dwarven waraxe, longsword, and two-bladed sword. Its key skill is Acrobatics because body control, good footing, and impeccable timing are important to completing Iron Heart Maneuvers.

Iron Heart Disciple

When you select this Martial School at 2nd level, you gain proficiency in Athletics.

Steel Wind.

You swing your weapon in a broad, deadly arc, striking two foes with a single, mighty blow.

Starting at 2nd level, You may spend 1 ki points and as an attack action you may make a single attack roll against two adjacent enemies. If the attack hits, both enemies take full damage.

When you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack, you can expend 1 ki to attempt to damage another creature with the same attack. Choose another creature within 5 feet of the original target and within your reach. If the original attack roll would hit the second creature, it takes the same damage from your first attack that was made in conjunction with this feature.

Iron Heart Surge

By drawing on your mental strength and physical fortitude, you break free of a debilitating state that might otherwise defeat you.

Starting at 6th level, as a bonus action you can end one effect on yourself that is causing you to be charmed, frightened, or poisoned.

Iron Heart Focus

With a last-second burst of speed, you summon reserves of mental and physical will and throw off the effects of your enemy’s attack.

Starting at 10th level, when you make a Constitution throw, you can instead choose to make a Intelligence Saving Throw.

Finishing Move

You deliver a devastating strike against a wounded foe, aiming to finish him off once and for all.

Starting at 14th level, for 4 ki, as an attack action, you make an attack roll against a creature. This attack does an extra 2d6 damage. If the enemy’s current hit points are less than its total maximum hit points, the attack instead deals an extra 4d6 damage. If the enemy’s hit points are equal to or less than one-half its full normal hit points, the attack instead deals an extra 8d6 damage.

Strike of Perfect Clarity

Your supreme focus and perfect fighting form allow you to make a single, devastating attack. You execute a flawless strike to drop your foe with a single attack..

Only the mightiest foes can withstand this attack. Adepts of the Iron Heart tradition seek to use this attack to end fights as quickly as possible. You might open a fight with a quick flurry of attacks, but once a foe is injured, you seek to end the battle with this decisive strike.
Spending 4 ki, as an attack action, you may make a single melee attack, If your attack hits, it is treated as a critical hit.

You must finish a long rest before using this ability again.

School of the Iron Heart

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