School of Golemancy

A golemancer is someone who specializes in golemancy, that is, the building, design, maintenance, and usage of golems. All colleges except static have a large number of golemancers, but static golemancers still exist.

“When uttering the incantation, mark well that the rod is upon and not within the intake. The second incantation should not be uttered until all the fumes have come forth, then the way shall be clear for the sacred words to penetrate unto the heart of the engine. If the mounting be hot say the third rune, if it be cold the fourth rune is more appropriate. For then the wrath of the engine will be aroused…”


Bonus Proficiency

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, when you select this school you gain proficiency in the Repair* Skill (INT) and the use of Repair Kits.

Repair (INT): Most repair checks are made to fix complex electronical or mechanical devices. The DC is set by the DM. In general, simple repairs have a a rather low DC, while complex repairs have a higher DC and take longer to achieve. A DC 12 repair check can repair 1d12 HP to a construct.

The cost of a repair kit is 5 gold pieces and weighs 3 lbs. As an action, you can use up the kit and repair a construct for 1d6 HP.

Automaton Savant

Also at 2nd level, you trade out your spellbook for a specially attune-able small golem minion. It is capable of recording magical data and performing minor tasks that don’t require complex thought. You may control a number of Savant Golem equal to your proficiency bonus, however, you can be attuned to only one of them at any given time. Spells can be recorded by the attuned Savant Golem at half the cost of copying spells into a spellbook.

It takes 8 hours of uninterrupted hours to create one of these Savant Golem.

Infuse Golems and Armor

Beginning at 6th level, you can produce magic constructs and armor. You spend 10 minutes focusing your magic on a construct, suit of armor, or shield, and expend a spell slot to infuse it with magical energy. The magic item retains its enhancement for 8 hours. You can infuse only one item and one construct at a time; if you infuse a second one, the first immediately loses its potency. Once you have expended a spell slot to create such an item, you cannot regain that slot until the item becomes non-magical.
The spell slot you expend determines the type of construct bonus, armor, or shield you can create.

Spell Slot Item Created

2nd +1 to skill checks, attack rolls, or an extra d6 hitpoints, for a construct
3rd +1 Shield
4th +1 Armor
5th +2 to skill checks, attack rolls, or two extra d6 hitpoints, for a construct
6th +2 Armor

Golem Artisan

Starting at 10th level, when you can create a Savant Golem you may craft it with additional features. Choose one of the following to grant to your Golem. Increase the time required by 2 hours.

Compound Legs. You craft a system onto the back of the legs to propel them faster on land. Increase base land speed of your Savant Golem by 30 ft.

Armor Plating. Increases the Savant Golem’s Armor Class by 2 and increases its challenge rating by 1.

Scroll Use. You engineer this Savant Golem with a slot to place a spell scroll. The scroll is turned to ash. As an action, you may order your Savant Golem to use the scroll that has been processed and absorbed.

Six Arms. The multiattack action allows it to make three slam attacks. Increase it’s challenge rating by 1.

Three Heads. The Savant Golem has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks and on saving throws against being blinded, deafened, stunned, and knocked unconscious.

Winged Golem. You craft a pair of wings onto a Savant Golem granting it a 60 ft. fly speed.

At 14th level you may instead choose the following option:

Juggernaut. The Savant Golem has three heads, six arms, and armor plating. Increases its challenge rating by 2.

Master Golemancer

On reaching 14th level, your mastery of arcane magic allows you to produce a variety of golems.


To create a golem/construct, you must spend the time shown on the table, working without interruption and resting no more than 8 hours per day. You must also pay the specified cost to purchase supplies. In addition you must sacrifice a required spell slot every day that you are crafting a specific Golem.

Once you finish creating the golem, It becomes animated. It is under your control, and it understands and obeys your spoken commands. See the Monster Manual for its game statistics.

School of Golemancy

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