Priest of Thorns, Lightgiver
Greater Deity
Symbol: A White Sun in the Middle of a Trident
Home Plane: The Great Beyond [Sun Tower]
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Healing, Purity, Sunlight
Worshipers: Field workers, doctors
Domains: Chastity, Life, Light, Order, Solidarity

Favored Weapon: Trident

Within the White Book, The sun was the beginning and Merovia was a gift of Ferdin. Paleos promised Ferdin that as long as the Sun shined, the earth would be safe.

Clergy & Temples
Probably the single most well-known deity and temple in Merovia. The Paladins of Paleos often known as “Brighters” often take a vow celibacy so as to avoid corruption.

Tenets of Paleos
1. Darkness must be brightened.
2. Heal the wicked.
3. The power of the Sun is unparalleled.


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