New Totems

Additional Totem Options

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Totem Spirit

At 3rd level, when you adopt this path, you choose a totem spirit and gain its feature. You must make or acquire a physical totem object. An amulet or similar adornment – that incorporates fur or feathers, claws, teeth, or bonuses of the totem animal. At your option, you also gain minor physical attributes that are reminiscent of your totem spirit. For example, if you have a bear totem spirit, you might be unusually hairy and think skinned, or if your totem is the eagle, your eyes turn bright yellow.

Dragon. While raging, as a bonus action, all enemies within 30 feet must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + 1/2 Barbarian Level + Charisma Modifier). On a failed save, the enemies are stunned for 1d2 rounds. The spirit of the dragon rages within and strikes fear into the hearts of weaker men.

You can only use this ability once between rages.

Lion. You gain the prowess of the lion. While raging, you and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you can’t be frightened while you are conscious.

Serpent. When raging you are always first in the turn order of initiative. If you begin raging mid-combat, you are immediately switched to the front of the turn order and everyone re-rolls initiative. It is still considered the same encounter.

Aspect of the Beast

At 6th level, you gain a magical benefit based on the
totem animal of your choice. You can choose the same
animal you selected at 3rd level or a different one.

Dragon. You gain the focus of dragons. Gain advantage on Saving Throws against abilities that would cause Sleep and Paralysis Effects.

Lion. You gain the speed of the lion, you gain a +15 to movement speed. The spirit of the Lion causes you to push yourself to surprising speeds.

Serpent. You gain advantage on Saving Throws versus Poison, and resistance to poison damage.

Totemic Attunement

At 14th level, you gain a magical benefit based on a
totem animal of your choice. You can choose the same
animal you selected previously or a different one.

Dragon. While raging, you gain the Gemscale Dragonborn Dragon’s Breath race feature. If you are already a Gemscale, double the damage of your existing Breath weapon.

Lion. While raging, as a reaction to when an opponent charges (I.E. moves and attacks you or any other target). At any point during your opponent’s charge, you can charge him. In place of the normal charge, you gain +4 on your attack roll and +4 on your damage roll. Your foe loses the of charging (but not the penalties) but can still attack you. If the target charged someone else, he forfeit’s the attack. If you cannot move at least 10 feet or cannot charge due to terrain or other factors, you do not gain this feature’s benefit.

Serpent. While raging, you gain advantage on grapple checks, and if an opponent is pinned, each turn they are pinned, they take poison damage equal to the Totem Barbarian’s Strength Modifier. DC to Overcome this poison
(DC 8 + Barbarian Level+ Str Modifier)

New Totems

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