Arcane Magic is the most common magic used in the Merovia. Like similar setting, Arcane Magic is relatively unknown in origin. They credit Argentus, but as a whole Sorcerers and adepts are the most suspicious. Wizards are appreciated because of all the help they generally do, but being an outlet for arcane magic with no apparent reason makes people uneasy. It is common for sorcerers to carry spellbook to disguise themselves as wizard as not to bring to much attention to themselves. Where Warlocks are concerned, they are even more detestable than sorcerers. It is recommended that while in populated cities, to avoid the use of Pact and Eldritch magic. There are many records of Warlocks getting lynched while they slept.

Divine Magic is a different story, clerics and paladins are happily invited to any community except Druids. Druids believe that the earth is what brings them their power and the idea of high beings is unneeded in their opinion, even though many are druids who worship the Forlas and believe his teaching reflect this disestablishmentarian attitude.

Hematomancy is the magic of the Blood Sorcerer. A Blood Sorcerer is considered the most vile type of spontaneous caster in Merovia. They use their own blood and some, the blood of their enemies, as weapons. The first Blood Sorcerers was created by Alegra. They are considered blood descendants of her, even if that is inaccurate.

Magic Schools of Merovia

Academy of Magicka

Location: Sapphire Port, Republic of Aestra
Motto: Semper Paratus (Always Prepared)
Curriculum: Philosophy of Magic
History: Created a few years ago as a response to the construction and success of the Magus University. It is recognized as a great starting school and the fact that Mira Strongtide’s sun is there brings great renown.

0- Mage Hand, Prestidigitation
1- Shield, Magic Missile
2- Arcane Lock, Knock
PROHIBITED SCHOOLS: Wizards schooled at Academy of Magicka must choose either Enchantment or Illusion as their prohibited school.

Academia Effectus

Location: New Solta, Republic of Aestra
Motto: Septem Juncta in Uno (Seven Joined in One)
Curriculum: Schools of Effect
History: After the cleansing of Old Solta, Chen Strumray felt it was necessary for his people to be educated in the arcane arts. As a way to prevent such a terrible system to re-construct itself.

0- Control Flames, Frostbite
1- Absorb Elements, Ice Knife
2- Scorcher, Snowball Swarm
PROHIBITED SCHOOLS: Wizards schooled at Academia Effectus must choose either Conjuration or Illusion as their prohibited school.

Magus University

Location: New Lunastia, Lunastia Confederacy
Motto: Sapienta Manaque Apta (Wisdom and a Skillful Hand)
Curriculum: Advanced Arcanum
History: First Magic school established by Leshara Nightfang. This set the confederacy apart from the rest of the High Elves who intended to keep the studies of the arcane arts to the wealthy.

0- Mage Hand, Blade Ward
1- Mage Armor, Magic Missile
2- Arcane Lock, Levitate
PROHIBITED SCHOOLS: Wizards schooled at the Magus University must choose either Conjuration or Illusion as their prohibited school.


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