The Blood Tyrant, The Claimer
Lesser Deity
Symbol: A Greatsword dripping with Blood
Home Plane: Underworld [Hall of War]
Alignment: Chaotic
Portfolio: War, Tyranny, Conquering
Worshipers: Generals, War Veterans
Domains: Conquest, Swords, War
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Ensatus is a known as the General of the Gods. Every war the gods have been involved with has been Ensatus by himself. Ensatus enjoys fueling the fires of war so that war can be fought. In the Blood Blade Chronicle, worshipers are taught the art of war.

Clergy & Temples
Often the Crusaders of Ensatus have been called upon in ever war throughout history. They usually favor fighting for the side that is most likely to lose. The Crusader of Ensatus are well known for overthrowing every weak kingdom in the southern islands. Making them the South Isles of Blood.

Tenets of Ensatus
1. War for war’s sake.
2. Blood is payment to the gods.
3. Physical strength is the true testament to Ensatus.

The most common battle-cry among Ensatus followers is “War for war!!!” and “May the blood flow to the Claimer”.


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