Dragon Rider

Dragonriders are heroic figures with the power to bond with dragons, gaining lifelong steeds, companions and allies. This bond is more than simply a close friendship, it is a mystic connection between dragonrider and dragon, creating a permanent link fueled by the arcane power inherent to all true dragons.




In order to advance as a Dragon Rider, you must meet the following prerequisites (in addition to the multi-classing prerequisites for your existing class.):

  • Wisdom 16. Dragonriders require the ability to understand their dragons habits and to survive in the presence of such powerful creatures.
  • Charisma 18. To earn the respect of a dragon you must have a strong spirit.
  • Language: Speak Draconic. You must speak draconic to communicate verbally with your dragon companion.
  • Character level 10th. It takes experience and many heroes can’t survive long periods in the presence of mighty dragons.
  • Complete a special task. You must befriend a “Young” or “Older” dragon who is willing to be your companion on your adventurers.

Class Features

As a Dragon Rider, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points. 1d10 per Dragon Rider level
Hit Points per Level: 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per Dragon Rider level.


Tools: None
Saving Throws: None
Skills: None
Equipment: The Dragonrider prestige classes gives you an exotic riding saddle necessary for riding a dragon.

Dragon Mount

At 1st level, you can magically call your dragon companion to you.
You have an emphatic link with your dragon mount and can sense the direction and distance to it, provided both of you are on the same plane. You and your mount can telepathically communicate simple concepts and ideas to each other.
Your dragon and you share your turn and actions. If you are not mounted then your dragon may move separately from you, however, only you OR your dragon can make an action during your turn.
If your mount is killed, you must find* a new dragon companion.

*Finding a new dragon companion will be based on the story and you must work with your DM to construct a way in which to either find a new dragon ally, or resurrect your previous one.

Draconic Essence

At 2nd level, your activities with your dragon companion have made you humble, but not fearful of dragons. You and your dragon cannot be Frightened.

You have the damage resistances of your dragon.

Bolstered Flight

At 3rd level, you can spur your dragon to even faster flying. While Mounted, increase your land and flying speed by 150% rounded down.

Draconic Senses

At 4th level, While mounted or in physical contact, you and your dragon share your senses gaining all the benefits of all enhanced senses that either has including magical enhancement to senses. In addition while mounted you gain blindsense 60 ft. so long as both of you are conscious.

Dragon Defender

At 5th level, you and your dragon have created a mystical pact binding your soul to theirs. When a creature attacks you within 5 feet of your dragon, if you are adjacent to your dragon you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll.
If the attacker is targeting you, it can target your dragon instead to avoid suffering disadvantage. If it does so, you regain the use of your reaction.

This connection binds your spirits in a number of ways with one critical downside. If you or your dragon dies, both of you die.


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