Blood Sorcerer

Blood Sorcerers have the ability to use their blood as a weapon. A Blood Sorcerer is a spontaneous caster and is a Blood Sorcerer at birth, sometimes it just takes longer for some to realize this power. It is said that the first Blood Sorcerer was created by the Deity Alegra and her necklace called the Red Diamond.


Power of Sin:

A 1st level Blood Sorcerer manipulates their spells with their own blood. As an action, a Blood Sorcerer can sacrifice a Hit Die in order to gain 1 Sorcery Point.

You can only sacrifice half your allotted hit die in this way.

These sorcery points gained this way dissipate after finishing a short rest.

In addition to using blood to cast spells. The caster ability of Blood Sorcerers are Constitution based instead of Charisma based. So the DC = (8 + Proficiency Bonus + Constitution Modifier).

Blood Clarity:

At 1st level, Blood Sorcerers are immune to poison damage and have advantage on rolls against poisons’ other effects.

At 6th level, they are immune to disease as well.


Starting at 6th level Blood Sorcerers stabilize faster than normal individuals through their magical blood’s sped up metabolism. When you roll a Death Saving Throw a Single Success counts as two.

Exquisite Blood.

At 14th Level, when a living enemy takes slashing damage within 60 feet of you, you may use your reaction to heal damage equal to the 5 + your Con modifier.

Sins of Allies.

At 18th Level, A fully realized Blood Sorcerer can use the blood of willing party members. As an action, a willing ally can sacrifice a Hit Die to give you an additional sorcerer point.

Allies can only sacrifice a maximum of half their individual hit die in this way.

Points gained this way also dissipate once you finish a short rest.

You can gain a maximum of 5 sorcery points by the function of this feature.

Blood Sorcerer

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