Amber Dragon

Amber dragons possess a thick, bark-like skin that ranges from dull gray to dark brown. Their eyes are the color of rich amber, and they have a long (1-foot) homed prow. In addition, an amber dragon’s feet end in sharp, scythe-like claws.

Habitat/Society: Amber dragons are perhaps the most solitary and aloof of all the neutral dragons, preferring to wander throughout the heavily forested regions that they call home. Although not unfriendly, these dragons are so closely attuned to their natural surroundings that their moods often reflect the capricious nature of the elements. Amber dragons dwell alone in large, primeval coniferous forests. They make no permanent lair, but range throughout the thickly carpeted expanse of their forest – often an area as large as 900 square miles. Unlike most other dragons, these creatures regard gold and other metallic treasures with disdain. They do not hoard material objects, thus any treasure found with an amber dragon is purely incidental.

Amber dragons are not exactly territorial, though they have been known to quickly dispatch creatures who enter a forest’s depths with hostile intent. However, the amber dragon is in no way a “defender of the forest”. Rather, these creatures are a force of nature, as many of their abilities stem from their close connection to the natural world.

This attunement to nature influences their reactions to other species. An amber dragon’s personality is as mercurial as the shifting winds; they can be as gentle as a spring breeze, or as violent as a summer lightning storm. Though they share similar abilities and philosophies with druids, amber dragons merely tolerate the presence of these priests; an alliance between a druid and an amber dragon is by no means an automatic, or even common, occurrence.

Ecology: Amber dragons subsist by drinking the thick sap of coniferous trees. They extract the sap by plunging their horned prow beneath the bark of a tree. Druids and rangers familiar with amber dragons can detect their presence by the distinctive triangular mark they leave.

Amber Dragon

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