Vampire Queen, Bloodletter
Lesser Deity
Symbol: Black Chalice
Home Plane: Shadowfell [Temple of Passion]
Alignment: Chaotic
Portfolio: Vampires, Sex, Physical Attraction.
Worshipers: Vampires, Fellian
Domains: Blood, Enchantments, Glamour, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain

Alegra is the patron deity for vampires and lustful individuals. She is often prayed to for benefits regarding sexual favors, asked to break up marriages, and generally, a person is regarded as promiscuous if the name Alegra passes their lips.

Clergy & Temples
Alegra has small shrines dedicated to her in nearly every vampire covenant, but cities usually don’t allow temples or shrines to be built in her name.

Tenets of Alegra
1. Beauty is the gift of Alegra.
2. Ecstasy is the words of Alegra.
3. Love is the will of Alegra.

The common prayer held for Alegra is “No one is more Beautiful than Alegra, No one is as Passionate than Alegra, may Alegra guide my love.”


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