Pestilence, The Plague Warden
Devil King
Symbol: A Green Pyramid
Portfolio: Parasites, Insects, Vermin
Domains: Spores
Favored Weapon: Spears and Javelins

Mārroplex’s entire body is said to house every sort of insect and vermin that has and will ever exist. The souls he purchases and earns go towards feeding these vermin. His dominion known as “Kelvion” is a massive hive complex and considered to be the most intricate labyrinth ever constructed. Only those connected to the hive can traverse it successfully.

Cult of Mārroplex

Goals: Immortality, secured not only to promise personal protection and power but to deny this and its benefits to others. Nothing can kill all of us.
Typical Cultist: Bandit, bandit captain, berserker, cult fanatic, cultist, gladiator, thug, tribal warrior, veterans.

Signature Spells:
Poison Spray (cantrip), Ray of Sickness (1st level), Web
(2nd level), Stinking Cloud (3rd level)

Mārroplex’s followers are bizarre loners who prefer the company of vermin like insects, spiders, worms, or rodents. They gain the hardiness of a hive complex at the cost their minds. Lesser followers gain the Feed Us trait. The most dedicated devotees of the Devil of Pestilence may retain their mind and gain the We Are Many trait.

Signature Force:

Abyssal Drider, Vermin lords, Living Hives


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