House Rules

1. Flaws are used to help flush out all the parts of a hero, no hero is perfect. Each player is required to take at least 2 flaws, they will not be awarded anything for this which means it doesn’t have to have a huge penalty, but the more interesting the rewarding it will be in game. Here are a few examples

2. Enchanting is permitted through the requirement of the materials as well as the spell. The time needed is quickened, and the experience cost is removed for optimal playing.

3. Classes: If you have an awesome idea for a class and can’t find one that really fits your style. Run the idea by me and we can talk about possibly forging one.

4. Crafting: When creating something that requires ingredients, adding other things with it has the ability to either increase the strength of it or lessen it.

5. Spell Creation: If you have an idea for a spell and would like to make one I have to okay it, and I will tell you at what level it would be appropriate to learn.

6. Unlockable Content Throughout your adventures, you will all be exploring new lands and people together. Through this exploration of Merovia, it is possible to come across new races and new classes that can be learned. Unlockable content is scattered around the world, it is up to each one of you to find these hidden treasures.

7. Title Tokens You can spend these in game, when you have completed a quest or have been part of a large event you can spend these to earn titles.

8. Rules of Naval Combat


House Rules

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