Emperor of Skulls
Greater Deity
Symbol: A Black Skull with a Gold Crown.
Home Plane: Underworld [Throne of Skulls]
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Evil Secrets, Black Magic, Corruption
Worshipers: Gravediggers, Coroners, Morticians, Undead
Domains: Death, Grave, Spirits
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Corantus is the god of death, all the souls that travel on must first go through him and his throne room. In the Necronomicon, it is believed that those who die must offer themselves to Corantus or will never reach the planes of their deities. It is preached from the very beginning that you must accept death, or Corantus will force it upon you.

Clergy & Temples
The clerics of Corantus are known as the Skull Prophets. They are often found at funerals, usually not invited to do so. They will often collect at public executions as well. They believe that the clerics of Corantus will pray and assist the soul on its way to Corantus with good graces.

Tenets of Corantus
1. Judgment in death is absolute.
2. Only Corantus shall raise the dead.
3. Souls are Corantus’s property.


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