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  • Tygirus

    [[File:367721 | class=media-item-align-center | Tigyris.jpg]] _Tygirus are a feline race of unknown potential. They are the most renown Hunter's across the lands. Tygirus are a tribal race, but are not keen on war. They prefer to solve their issues …

  • Logar Windfall

    Met on a mission to hunt down a great beast beyond the fringes of the material realm. He showed to a loyal and confident ally that the party dealer needed and he assisted in there defeat over Von Black.

  • Ao Shen Long [Deceased]

    A wine trader turned adventurer. He worked for a powerful vineyard to the East and do to some odd events, he finds himself now cursed and in a party to take down the newest threat. After being uncovered as plotting against the Mystic Dwarf Inquisition, …

  • Myalnar [Deceased]

    Myalnmar was a Tygirus who made a pact with Bo'den. In return, Bo'den passed on texts about an ancient fighting style only known by a far off race. Myalnmar taught himself the style and became quite proficient with his daisho. He was struck down in the …

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