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  • Dust Orcs

    [[File:381248 | class=media-item-align-center | Sand_Orcs.jpg]] _Dust Orcs are common in the North of the far side of Merovia. The arrid islands of Mair are home to the docile race of Dust Orcs. Their grotesque appearance is unsettling to most races on …

  • Brag Dhustblud

    Head Chieftan of the combined tribes of Dust Orcs. He is said to have resist the powers of Mind Flayers and has endured a conversation in the presents of the Ancient One... Brag was chosen to be the leader because of his ability to solve issues among …

  • Tres

    Lives at the top of the world where he has a cabin. Anti people, but not unreasonable. He offers the party to stay at his cabin overnight. He may have an interesting proposition for you all.

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