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  • Kazata

    [[File:393030 | class=media-item-align-center | Katsata.jpg]] _The Kazata are a mysterious people from the Salt Canyon of Kuran. They live in small tribes near Canyon Elves, within the Dominion of Bragash. They are wary of the Canyon Elves and their …

  • Mandu

    Quiet, but his silence is only matched by his brilliance. Mandu is said to have been raised in the astral sea by a band of Gith Monks and when his master's ship was destroyed during a pilgrimage, he was picked up by Captain Craven Martier. It is said that …

  • Zifr Liverian (Deceased)

    From the Library of Kaz, he has ventured out to seek information. He feels he doesn't have a great way with people, but he has managed to make friends with the oddest of companions and travels to explore new cultures and engineering.

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