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  • Mira Strongtide

    Mira is one of the leaders within the Sun Elf Council and she is well liked among her peers. She is very kind and within her city she has supported commerce and trade. She even was able to convince the Moon Elves to trade with her city. Little is known …

  • Chen Stumray

    Ran for High Chancellor back before the departure of the Moon Elves, but after losing to [[:azlen-solastia | Azlen Solastia]] for the chair as High Chancellor he faded out of relevance and lived for a long time in his home within Sapphire Port. After …

  • Ling Xu [Retired]

    Came from the future to stop the Mystic Dwarves from conquering the world and plunging it into an everlasting darkness. Shatter a Wyvern recently in desperation and has since given up adventuring. The first creature he killed in the 610 years he has …

  • Iliphar Chromolux

    A spy for the Republic of Aestra. He is on a mission to re-direct trade to Sapphire Port and away from the Crimson Isles. Besides that he hopes to bring balance to systems as he pass through, leaving things more balanced than they were when he arrived.

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