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  • Mandu

    Quiet, but his silence is only matched by his brilliance. Mandu is said to have been raised in the astral sea by a band of Gith Monks and when his master's ship was destroyed during a pilgrimage, he was picked up by Captain Craven Martier. It is said that …

  • Craven Martier

    Captain Craven arrived in the trade business nearly with no warning and with a fleet that would put many nations to shame. His men have an unwavering loyalty to him and many have failed in trying to drink him under the table. His knowledge of the Astral …

  • Charles Thomson

    Roughly 200 years ago this human was born. Charles was of noble blood, but studied under the great minds of the Phoenix Elves. Dabbling in the blood shed filled history of the Spartes, the engineering of humanity, and the magics of the Pheonix Elves. He …

  • Glesn'uk

    A Master Swordsage who solely has practiced the School of the Diamond Mind and is considered the greatest gith warrior to date. He teaches at the Temple in Morgthuun and has a vast library on the schools of Swordsages.

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