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  • Playable Race: Crag Dwarves

    [[File:324616 | class=media-item-align-center | Crag_Dwarf.jpg]] _They live far underground as deep dragons do, but they have isolated themselves even further at the behest of Caecus, The God of the Mind. Caecus's influence through the dwarves has …

  • Necrol Lazeren

    _Necrol Lazeren is High King of all Crag Dwarves in Merovia as well as the king of Blackhelm, the capital undercity of Crythia. He is popular for his actions in the last century that brought the two large Crag Dwarven nations together under one banner. …

  • Lady Sicilya [Deceased]

    _A few years after High King [[:necrol-lazeren | Necrol Lazeren]]'s wife passed away, a pale skinned lady approached him, and rumor has it that she has been courted by Lazeren quite often. She is pale and very beautiful, some Crag Dwarves believe she is a …

  • Tazar Stoneblood (MIA)

    After the siege and constant battle within his clan's caverns, he left his home to acquire power in forms of weapons and armor. He wishes to one day return and clear out his clan's caverns. Striking down the goblin invading forces, once and for all.

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