Call to War
Blood and Magic

The party received a letter from the Sun Elves that in short, assured the Captain that his crew would 200,000 Gold pieces in order to command a naval defense of a Moon Elf city. The Mystic Dwarves were going to attack the city in order to gain a foothold and would then use it’s shores as a staging ground to attack the Sun Elves.

The party eventually showed up, planned the defense which was one explosive decoy ship and waiting until the Dwarves came ashore and the party proceeded to blow up their vessels. The party came from behind as the city defended and they slowly won the battle. The Mystic Dwarves were taken out, but the Moon Elf Lord of Bilush died. The head of the Waylock Crime family, Noxmarus Waylock staged the death of the Mystic Dwarf Archmage and will now become the next lord of Bilush. A few other things happened, but that’s about it.

The party prevented an all out war, and suspect the Sun Elves are now planning a counter attack to show the Mystic Dwarves who’s boss. There are political reasons for the Mystic Dwarves wanting to attack the Sun Elves. Both to hoard arcane knowledge and because of a certain time traveler, [[:ling-xu | Ling Xu [Retired]], the Sun Elves refused the trade agreement. The Dwarves took it personally and had planned to take the knowledge by force. Han Moonwind who was helping out the party joined up with Noxmarus Waylock in order to find a solution to his contractual obligation to Doaloth. A Lupin Gunslinger showed up on the scene of the fight and is know part of the party.

The Letter:

To Whom it May Concern,

The following information is classified and can only be read by you. After an attempt, ventured by a privately hired squad failed to slow the approach of an Oraclusian Kingdom attack directed at the Lunastia Confederacy, we are forced to withdraw our forces from any secondary objectives. Your orders for the council is as follows.
1) Inform Captain Brisbane that he will be afforded a sum of 200,000 gold pieces and the command of a fleet of 5 smaller vessels for the purposes of this mission.
2) The crew of the Invidious will rendezvous with our allied vessels on the Eastern Coast of the Lunastia Confederacy at the port in Bilush within a month.
3) Your job will be to wait until the Oraclusian Kingdom makes their attack on the City of Bilush. They will attempt to occupy that region and utilize the facilities at the Magus College in order to approach us in a shorter time. Zaito Treehand and Archmage Leshara Nightfang will provide a sufficient defense for the city during the initial attack. When the attack has started and the ships of the enemy are docked, a beacon will fire into the sky. It will be imperative to strike with haste once the signal has been lit. You will destroy their vessels and then assist the fighters on the beachhead.
Once the mission is complete and Bilush is secure, have the Invidious make it’s way to Sapphire Port and they will be justly rewarded with the gold mentioned previously and high honors will be bestowed onto you.

The Council

The Belt of the Dread Emeperor Pt. 3
Traversing the Lost Temple of Krematon

So, they entered the temple and evaded some traps as they traveresed this temple that was in complete darkness. As you know many races get Darkvision so it wasn’t too hard for them, but a few of the puzzles and traps had them stuck for a bit. Eventually they came across a library within the temple that had some interesting texts which I can explain at a later date. The party fought many armored ghouls and eventually a Skeletal T-rex that wore remnants of bardings. The party solved a bit more puzzles and made there way into a private sanctum. The sanctum was a large circular room that had a large black circular mirror positioned on the ground. It looked like it was made of obsidian, but it provided a much clearer reflection. The party noticed at the far end was a throne in which a being was sitting. He was slender, pale, and blue with all the garb of a powerful noble. He wore a few interested items as well as the belt they were looking for. Turns out this guy IS the Dread Emperor Octavian Vesmarias. This guy is neutral evil, but actually very humble and diplomatic (so long as things end in his favor). He agrees to relinquish the belt if the party places a rug (with a teleportation seal) within the Neo Prophetus guild catacombs.

The party also explains to him that the Mystic Dwarves outside are attempting to siege this place and take everything for their own gain. This dark master makes very short work of them and know that he has plans for the party, allows them to leave. (The mystic dwarves became more ghouls to fight for this evil dude). The party hops on their ship eventually and heads back to Black Anchor.

On the way, one of the books that the rogue took has an effect on him. It is a green tome with a large yellow eldritch seal on it (Emerald Tome of the Devourer). The rogue is cursed and has a vision in which he meets with Daoloth. I used all the information from Call of Cthulu’s new book that I showed you to craft the dream vision and the rogue agreed to sign up to start a new cult when he had the time, the agreement was that if the rogue failed to do so before he died. The body would become an avatar for Daoloth to puppet.

The party gets back to port and meets with the Guild Master High Grim, and they set up the portal. The Guild Master meets Octavian “The Dread Emperor” (Who scares the shit out of him) and they converse in Dark Speech in whispers that shake the entire complex. The Dread Emperor seems to have made a deal with the guild master and gives the belt to him. The party is unaware as to what has transpired, but they now see how wide the rivers of evil go. They and the Guild Master are merely standing in the wake of greater forces at work. We’ll see how they handle it.

The Belt of the Dread Emperor pt. 2
The Mine

The Guild Master, Lucious Graveburn, was not aware that there was a Mine near the temple. The Mine was crated by the Crag Dwarves in the mountains that are technically within the territory of the Spartes.

The mine has been kept secret for a long time and provides Mournlode. The party eventually finds this mine and it turns out it was deserted. The excavation at the temple nearby caused earth elementals to rise from deep within the earth and they scared off the crag dwarven miners who fled to their encampment a couple hours away. The party investigated and the druid (Who can speak Primordial) was able to access the situation.

They found the evil elemental, killed it for the protective earth elemental (who couldn’t wage a fight on the other because they are technically both in service of the Plane of Earth). The party assisted and found a secret entrance to the temple that they had to blow through with explosives. The earth elemental wished them goodluck in calming the dark forces within the temple and sealed them inside. (The crag dwarven warden was a dick and basically left a bunch of his minors to die, but that is a smaller tale and can be left out.)

The Belt of the Dread Emperor pt. 1
Getting There

The necromancer guild master High Grim Lucious Graveburn sent the party to go fetch something called the “Belt of the Dread Emperor”. Gave them direction to the temple, but didn’t tell them what it did or how it did it. The party arrived on the shores near the mountains, where this belt could be found.

They got to the temple and noticed that the Mystic Dwarves had beaten them too it. There was a big excavation underway and the site was guarded by easily 40 Mage Knights. The party realized that there is no way their getting in through the front door. They trap the way back to the ship and set out for their secondary objective.

On their way to the mine they come a cross a Goblin who is masquerading as a Crag Dwarf. Just a goblin illusionist, nothing special.

Helping the Defenseless
Moon Rats

Finally they decided on a plan haha. So, they met a bunch of cool characters today. A Monster Hunter Half-Crag Dwarf/Half-Spartes veteran named Corbin Sinscar, they met a paladin of Paleos named Phillip Carmine and his Squire Joseph Baker. After doing a bunch of city exploration, they met a barkeep who has a Giant Rat infestation problem.

They party went down and started eliminating them. When the last rat was trying to escape, it runs into a band of moon light that slides through the cracks in the roof. The rat stops and speaks to the party. It turns out he is a Moon Rat. They are giant rats that become hyper Intelligent in moonlight.

The party saves a bunch of the rats from bleeding out and they investigate why they went feral. They got stuck in this basement when they burrowed and fled from their home (The cave collapsed behind them when they got there). Their home was near the center of the island. The Moon Rats were attacked by an Adult Onyx dragon and were kicked out.

The party convinced Phillip Carmine and Corbin Sinscar, as well as the necromancer Coriban Shadetongue and their witch stalker Han Moonwind to come with them and kill the dragon. They succeeded and got Moon Rat’s their homes back.

Their home is full of moonstones that allow them to keep their intelligence during the day from light coming through a hole in the roof. Good stuff

Occupation of Black Anchor
Necromancers are pissed!

The short and sweet version is that after returning from the Sahuagin floatilla, they arrived back to town, sold their swag and were trying to solve any necromantic questions. They found out that the lord of the keep, Lord Blackstone, is gone and there are no guards posted anymore. They uncovered the necromancy guild (Neo-Prophetus) has a dungeon beneath the town, that the tower’s lake is full of corpses, and that the animals in the area are very distressed.

The party partied with the crew of the Invidious and went to bed.

The next day they wake up to the Spartes and Phoenix Elf vessels coming in to claim the isles back (based on the history of Nassau). They show up and offer pardons to all the captains. Two take them (Sid Seville & Yuki Scorchleaf, Jonathon Brisbane and the mage captain of the Arcing Corsairs, Sakura Manaflare say no.

The Spartes naval commander Doran Morphis, takes 10 knights and the party up to the keep to investigate. (Why isn’t the lord of the town showing up to argue against this?). They find out the necromancers have taken over the keep and after destroying some skeletons, the raging barbarian, Tazar Stoneblood, busts through a door (not planned for) and interrupted a summoning of a Bone Golem (Stone Golem weak to bludgeoning) and they killed it along with 4 cultists. They just leveled up to level 5 and will have to board up the castle and hold the line as the necromancy guild claims the rest of the city.

The Ruins of New Town
A First Quest and a Giant Serpent

The party were given orders to go and intercept a prize vessel to the North Western coast of the Mountains of Paleos. It was transporting guns from the Vicewing Kingdom to Whitesand Bay.

The party started right away and made great time with the assistance of seasonal weather. They came across an island in the distance. They went to the island and investigated. It turned out to be a lost Human colony called New Town, whose inhabitants seem to have vanished around 20 years ago (After the extermination by the Spartes), however there was no evidence of their disappearance. They went to a temple on a hill which housed a Wisp that told them that deep within the temple lurks a beast that ate all the inhabitants.

The party with the assistance of Capt. Jonathon Brisbane was able to slay the Spirit Naga. They know it will come back in less than a week, but they have no way of solving that problem now so they departed to go fetch the guns. They intercepted the vessel, successfully slowed the Vicewing Cutter vessel and ransacked it replace faulty guns on the Invidious and away they went.

On their way home they come across a floatilla of seaweed with a chest on it. Turns out to be a sahuagin trap that the party handles swiftly and scares most of them off. The chest was empty.

A Drunken Scurry
A Prologue of Sorts

The rickety wagon continues making it’s way from Whitesand Bay. It has been a while since you left the Bay and each of you are looking forward to arriving in Port Trasif by night fall. From the rumors, that’s the best time to arrive anyway. The wagon is one of four that are traveling together. Two of the wagons are for travelers, 6 each. The other two are transporting goods. Each one is manned by a Spartes stage coach and is manned non-stop until the destination is reached. Spartes resilience should be noted. Around noon, the carriage patron pulls out the last of the rations and begins to distribute them. The food is once again dried meats, an orange each, and water from a large reserve. It’s rather passable, when all of a sudden the cart slows to a stop. The other two carts who were carrying supplies seem to speed by as the drivers call-out to each other in the languages of drakes.

Peaking out the window of the carriage, you see that the Spartes driver, an older man, has fallen from the cart and seems to have shattered. As if his likeness had been turned to marble and he had fallen from his pedestal.

The party realizes that they have been ambushed by Basilisks. They create remedies from the stash of ingredients that the chariot had in-stock for this exact reason. Turns out they knew about the occupation of Basilisks in the area, but if they mentioned it, it would be bad for business.

The party slays the basilisks, saves their driver and even their paladin Yorvarax Ragnar who got turned to stone almost immediately.

The weather is warm, the breezes balmy! The water, calm, and crystal clear.
You have arrived to Port Trasif. It is the port in the southern reaches of the Lands of Kataiga, the Spartes homeland. Port Trasif is a major market for fencing plunder from the Crimson Isles, to the south, and this often leads to exciting events and equivocal debauchery.
It should be noted that those who go to Port Trasif are interested in trade, the sins of the tavern, adultery, information, or sea fairing. The Crimson Isles are becoming infamous for their activity through the exploits of Jack Venom and his ship The Far Sea.

As you enter the port for the first time or the hundredth time, the culture is always evolving from the import of information, artifacts, stories, and swag.

There is word that in the Rusted Saber Inn, there is a rising captain named Jonathon Brisbane and his ship, the Invidious who is looking to acquire a new crew for some mysterious journey.

Part of the Party signs in a drunken stupor and the others joined for the thrills.

The Fall of Von Black
The Final Destination

After the defeat of the Shadow Temple, the party delved deep into the Shadow Dark. They had finally arrived to the secret cavern of the powerful God Slayer. Trudging through the darkness they finally found Von Black attempting to complete his master plan. The merge the Shadowfell and Material plane into a world of everlasting darkness. Where madness runs rampant, the Moon Elves are proclaimed the master race, and the Sun Elves kneel before the true High Elves of Merovia.

The party foiled this Storm Sorcerer’s Plans and slew him rather swiftly. Defeating him at last they used the anchor to return to the material plane. The Underdark passageway that it took them to allowed them to the return to the material plane and meet up at the High Magus School in Lunastia. Run by Leshara Nightfang.

The party had made a deal with their newest member, Maximillion De Sand and agreed to go on their final adventure together. To The Abyss to find E’mara and claim a mythical orb fragment and the soul of Arawn’s friend from before the adventure began (nearly 2 years ago in-game).

They ventured into The Abyss, and were escorted into E’mara’s dominion. With the surprise arrival and assistance of Zephestes, the party battled in the Shadow Mistress’s domain. Sol, the Cosmic Spell-Slinger used the book of vile darkness that Von Black had inscribed onto his body to Dominate E’mara’s mind and had her rip her own heart out. The party accomplished its missions and were sent back to the cavern where it all began. All the deeds had been done, all the quests compeleted and with that, many of them went on their way. To maybe find some peace, or what I suspect, new adventures that wait just around the corner.


The Shadow Temple
Burning the Shadows

The party was discovered and through some poor choice words a fight broke out between the students of the shadow temple and our adventurers.

Maximillion De Sand started things off with a bang, or rather, 3 well placed fireballs.

The party then backed up in the hallway and funneled the 64 enemies into the corridor.

Sol created a storm sphere and, joined with the casting of power of Arawn, casted Cloudkill in collaboration with Arawn’s Circle of Death. It made short works of the 35 ninjas, 10 assassins, and 14 Iron Heart Disciples. Lady Del Duska, of course, was in the mix, but she survived the attack on her temple and in the end allowed the adventurers to pass into the hidden doorway that leads into the Shadow Dark. However, Arawn didn’t go into the doorway like his friends. He stood defiantly at the doorway and challenged Lady Del Duska to Mortal Combat!


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