The Black Sands
Finding the Bone Hills

The lords of Madness, Salleek, Morkeis, Zendion, and The Dread Emperor, High Grim Octavian Vesmarias sat in council beneath The Tower. The party made themselves known and were greeted rather kindly by these beings of immense power.

It was explained that they were holding council to discuss the issue that the Kingdom of Oraculus were now presenting. The Mystic Dwarves and their kingdom intend on plunging the world into the Plane of Shadow. The ruling powers of the Plane of Shadow cannot allow this. As a parallel plane, the colliding of these two would spell the end of the Plane of Shadow’s independence, and the annihilation of the Material Plane and it’s inhabitants. They cannot coincide, so this doomsday plan cannot come to pass.

The Lords of Madness explain that they came to discuss a partnership to resolve this issue, however the Neo-Prophetus does not have a team strong enough to combat this threat. It was fortunate that party appeared and will be their harbingers.

The party has accepted the mission of crossing the Black Sands of the Shadowfell due North East in order to find the Bone Hills. Beneath that complex awaits a being of immense power who should have more information, and may be able to aid the party in discovering the Kingdom of Oraculus’s capabilities.

The party left the guild catacombs and made their way over the harsh and desolate landscape under the cover of eternal night and found the Bone Hills with minor difficulty. A three day trek.

The Bone Hills is truthfully one hill of a small cluster and has a village that rests upon the top. A village that doesn’t reflect a familiar time or place. It’s remnants are those undocumented and forgotten to the pages of time and space. However, one thing that doesn’t rest well here, is the dead. The party was forced to combat 50 skeletal guard and dragon of shadow. The party lost their ally Marvin Gates and nearly lost their member Lefty. The mighty breath of the dragon felled these two in a single blast, and only by a bottle of blood was Lefty saved.

Lefty, having drunk the Blood Wine of Meldova is now of the undead and is a vampire. He was able to cheat this death, only to now walk among the fallen. However, this is not the time to solve his curse. They must enter the temple, and traverse it’s depths. They must find…

Lectan Nightroad.

Return to Black Anchor
Lords of Madness

The party made their way by ship to the port of Black Anchor. The days at sea were rather uneventful. They arrive to find that the keep on the hill, that overlooked the city, has disappeared. To their surprise, the townsfolk report that it was gone in two nights. Not a sound, just seemingly disassembled.

Olaphine spent her time looking over Black Anchor in ways that only masterful rogues know how. Through her eyes she was able to determine notes left behind by others.

Malak De Valore spent most of his time in the company of Kane Forgekin. Malak spent a fair amount of coin at his establishment “Leviathon Teeth Arms” and is prepared for his next great engagement on the fields of battle.

The party eventually reconvened at the tavern and met a pair of archeologists. Well, sort of. One of these men is a Professor of Anthrology and is in Black Anchor to study the efforts of the Moon Rats. The other is an infamous author and self-proclaimed man of field research, “NAME”. They want to hire the adventurers to help them explore the temple that the Moon Rats once inhabited, and if they are still within their hive like village beneath Black Anchor.

The party agrees to this and makes there way South. While exploring the temple and subsequent caves, they found this hive city, but not a single Moon Rat remained. It was like they had been taken without a fight. That is when things became odd, and there were signs that indicated something terrible wrong was casting itself over Black Anchor.

The party backtracked out of the caverns and were attacked by two bat like devils. The party then comes to realize that the city of Black Anchor now rests within the Plane of Shadow. If they want answers they would have to make their way to The Tower, the base of the Neo-Prophetus guild, and its new leader, The Dread Emperor.

Entering the tower they find the place unguarded. Deep underneath the tower lay catacombs, and where the entire guild has met. Being led by their old ally Marvin Gates, they find the guild arranged in a large hall encompassing a large dark wood table. At the head of the table sat Octavian Vesmarias, and around his sat Lords of Madness, Lord Salleek, Lord Morkeis, and Lord Zendion.

Whatever was transpiring here, the party knew they had just entered a situation that was far out of their depth.

Fall of Bloodstain Keep
Battle of the Baddest

We resume this session from where we left off last time.

It was apparent that there was a large explosion towards town, and suddenly the bridge connecting the keep to the town was also destroyed. These explosions had surprised the Lord Sable Coalbite, whom now, determined to find answers , was now on his way towards the gates of the keep with Olaphine in tow.

In the North Eastern tower, the majority of the guards had been dosed with the tainted fortified wine. This left most of them delusional and confused. The party left Lefty there as they went to the main courtyard to begin the real assault.

As Lefty continued to drink he was surprised to see Caliban enter the door way and begin to heal all of the guards. After the revitalizing smoke was released, Lefty sprang across the room. Lefty rolled and appeared behind Caliban and let loose a blast from his fiery elixir. This caused the fortified spirit to ignite and created a huge explosion that killed the guards within and flung the two combatants out of the room and into the hallway, where their battle began.

In the courtyard, Iliphar Chromolux, Morthos Ænkia, and Nyoko began fighting the guards. Iliphar had released a large fire elemental that aided them in their efforts. Shrouded in darkness, the illusive ranger who had brought Morthos down a few sessions ago, fired once again. He pierced Morthos and caused him to drop his gun. Morthos crossed the courtyard with the help of his hound and executed the hunter, once and for all. Another name to strike off Morthos’s list.

The rest of the party made their way up to support Lefty in his fight with Caliban. Unknown to everyone else, Caliban had drank an elixir which transformed him into a might Djinn. This made it impossible for the lord to recognize his ally and he too attacked with righteous fury.

Before the party and the lord could deliver the final blow, the Djinn phased away into another plane of existence and was gone. The king, now without support, was flanked by our party on all sides and was swiftly dispatched.

Morthos, after his success went to the edge of the bridge, raised the head of the king to the crowd of onlookers, and called that his evil reign had finally ended.

Bloodstain Keep Infiltrated
Dinner and Show

The sun that rose on that day made it’s self known in the early hours with a red and pink hue. The tropical breeze was calm. The gulls took flight over the shallow shores and dove into the sea for their morning’s feast. Like many days this far south, the beautiful sky that faded from night to day granted a look at pallid blue that complemented the color of the great oceans. In 50 years, the power of the Crimson Scourge had never been this close to it’s zenith. As night to day, this regime will also pass.

They had each awoke in their chambers at Tomias’s Inn. As per the letter that Teza Moonweave sent, a chariot would arrive at Sunset to this Inn. Olaphine had come all this way to explore the south and dearly wished to make an acquaintance with this powerful lord of the south. Or so she said. Her and her allies knew the truth, this was their way in to infiltrate the castle and complete the task set before them.

Each of them in leisure made their way downstairs to a very humbling banquet that had been laid out before you. It seems the owner had learned of Olaphine’s noble alias, and wished to leave a lasting impression. One honest and humbled entrepreneur in a land of thieves.

The owner, Tomias is a Spartes, but noticeably leaner and masterfully bearded. His auburn beard is braided and falls parallel to his apron’s descending neck strap. He prepared roasted tomatoes, poached eggs, a pork belly fillet, a tray of sweet rolls, and a fruit salad of pineapple, orange, apple, and peach. Fresh water and tea have also been set around the table at convenient intervals. He didn’t charge them, and without ever meeting their gazes, humbly thanked her for choosing his inn.

Daily Preparations for the night at the castle.

The sun began to descend and blues turn to purples and oranges. The sun, a brilliant miasma of yellow passed to allow the rise of the moon and it’s cloak of shadow. On queue the sound of a chariot could be heard clopping up to the inn. Out of the window you could see two chariots. The lacquered finish of the chariot’s forced the sun’s rays to glare off and cascade the surroundings in it’s gleam. The chariots are driven by two similar men in stature and temperament whom each commanded 4 black horses each. They pull the chariots around and line up single file at the front of the inn. When in place, they wait.

These chariots led the party to the keep and a squad of guards led them to their quarters.

Within the quarters they uncovered sending stones that were sending their conversations to some unknown voyeur.

The party attended the dinner as per request and sat in the presence of Sable Coalbite who sat beside Caliban.. They ate a very bountiful feast that was set before them and drank from the Lord’s reserves. When the dinner was conclude Olaphine was invited by the lord to go on a tour of the castle’s ramparts. Olaphine took this as an opportunity and went along.

The rest of the party got up to their own hi-jinx. The party was acquainted with a few of the guards and learned of a poker night being held in the North Eastern tower. The party went up there with casks of wine that they had tainted with psychotropic mushrooms gifted to Iliphar Chromolux by druids in Sapphire Port.

Olaphine and Sable Coalbite were on the eastern tower at the end of this session overlooking the city when there was a large explosion in town. An explosion, unbeknownst to the lord, was put into play via the party’s collaboration with the Gold Masks. Olaphine convinced the lord that she was just as surprised and that she wanted him to protect her. Falling for this lie, the lord was determined to find out the cause of all the ruckus.

Temple of Ensatus
Crowd Pleaser

The party awoke and planned to infiltrate the Temple of Ensatus. From Morthos Ænkia’s infiltration of Hook Hand Prison, they learned that a sanctified tea is transported from the Temple to the Prison. This tea is delivered to the warden daily, once at dawn, and once at dusk. The party decided to do some shopping and near dusk they would lay in wait.

Iliphar Chromolux and Olaphine planted themselves East of the church and waited to see the procession that would leave from the church in the center of town and head to the North Eastern section of the city. They saw the procession leave the church and make their way north. While these two laid in wait, the rest of the party got their hands dirty.

Morthos Ænkia and Lefty entered the Temple. Morthos stayed near the front doors and kept his eyes on the guards that sat in prayer. Lefty approached the altar at the front and spoke to the High Priest. Lefty, in a round about way, said that we would be interested in joining the church. The High Priest tasked his with the execution of a peasant who sat in prayer. To the High Priest, this would reflect his dedication to the path of blood and war. Lefty stumbled into the priest and proceeded to vomit on him. He attacked a guard, and then all hell broke loose. Morthos executed one of the guards who attempted to intervene and these two party members made a run for it. A large group of guards were in pursuit.

When the procession returned to the church, Iliphar and Olaphine followed them back. These two approached the alter and also said that they were looking to join the church. Olaphine refused to kill the peasant, while Iliphar “with the information received” executed this elderly peasant without mercy. This allowed Iliphar to be led by one of the priests to the undercroft where he would drink said tea and have access to the reserves. While the priest was distracted, Iliphar tainted the supply that would be delivered to the Warden on the morrow.

Elsewhere in the city, the guards continued to chase Morthos and Lefty. They passed into the Colosseum and the guards chased them inside. As the guards attempted to follow them up the cramped stairs, Lefty kicked the lead pursuer down the stairs and this caused all of these full-plate guards to tumble down in succession like dominoes. The crowd, finding this hilarious, allowed these two miscreants to hide among them. Morthos and Lefty laid prone as the crowd disbanded the guards whom found no comedy in the matter. Having failed to obtain the culprits, they left when the crowd refused to reveal them, nor part from the stands.

The Path of the Stolen Earth
Fortified Position

The party awoke after a restful night sleep and convening with the Gold Masks in the basement of the Siren Song Tavern.

The party went to the South Western section of the city across the street from the Temple of Ensatus. They were told that they needed to acquire supplies to detonate the bridge that spans from the city to the keep.

Realizing that there was no way the party would be able to enter through the front due to the guards presence across the street they altered there path and went around back. Malak De Valore and Morthos Ænkia stood guard out front while the rest of the party attempted to pass into the backyard.

There was a spell trap that the party couldn’t seem to resist. As they passed over the property lines they were hit by magical sleep that seemed to put most of them out. Iliphar Chromolux was able to resist and assisted his allies by waking them when they passed out. After overcoming that obstacle, without investigating the door thoroughly, Olaphine set off an electrical spell trap that was inscribed on the door handle and was thrown across the yard.

After getting this all sorted, the party finally entered the building. They came across many different alchemical equipment and apparatuses that Caliban would use in his practices. The party found the supplies they needed and delved into the basement of the complex.

A barrier of light trapped the majority of the party and a large demon surprised them, who attempted to devour each of them. The party fought nobly and were saved at the final hour by the paladin and gunslinger. They were able to discern how to break the barrier and effectively assisted their allies.

Opening Night
"The Bald Barbarian" and New Allies

The party began there evening in line for the first showing of a new play. The thespians of Bloodstain Keep are putting on a comedy entitled, “The Bald Barbarian”.

On there way into the showing, Oliphine is reverse pickpocketed. She uncovers that a ring had been placed in her pocket against her will. Iliphar and Oliphine survey the attendees and notice that a handful of others are wearing the same ring. They also are equally spread out in the crowd. Each one is dressed in very unremarkable clothes. They also seem to be in a relaxed position and noticeably stoic in their nature. In there efforts to be nonchalant, the party has recognized them.

Act 1: The show begins with a beautiful dance number that introduces a small town that resides outside the Dwarven Mountains. They talk about how they have never seen a dwarf, but that they must be small, and bearded, and brilliant, and bold. The villagers meet a large man with no hair anywhere on his body, not very sharp, but definitely bold. The village is then attacked by a wizard who threatens them. If they don’t pay homage to him they will be transformed into sheep and used for fancy clothing.

Act 2: The Barbarian who knows nothing of the common folk tries to emulate their lives, but has to end up doing it in his own style. Coming to terms with his urban side. He has no concern for the wizard, but begins to care for the village and it’s inhabitants. An intermission takes place as the Barbarian lays down for rest after another long day of building, scrubbing, and generally helping with his titanic strength.

During intermission there was an individual who appeared next to Oliphine. She hadn’t noticed her approach and this seemed a bit disconcerting, but a graceful hand slid from beneath the cloak and it bared a letter. She would later learn this lady’s name is Megumin, a phoenix elf. The parchment of the envelope is adorned in gold leaf and sealed with a wax seal pressed by the silhouette of a mask. Oliphine accepted the letter, the letter detailed a meetup for the Pale Masks within the Siren Song Tavern after the show.

While Intermission is taking place, Iliphar and Nyoko went to the concessions and confronted one of the ring wearers; A portly Spartes named Almin Bushybrow. He spoke with them and disappeared swiftly after. He was able to obtain a lot of information about Iliphar without disclosing much.

Act 3: The barbarian uses the tricks he has learned to over throw the wizard and his henchmen. The play ends in a brilliant dance number that expresses that even though he is an oddity, he persevered and that’s what counts. The barbarian finishes the play and slays the audience with the final line, “Dorgo stay and be wet nurse, milk good for everyone!”

While the party was at the showing, Morthos investigated Hook Hand Prison with the assistance of a young and prideful Obsidian Guard named Korman. Korman bonded with Morthos and seems to aspire to be elsewhere.

The party went to the Siren Song Tavern after the show for the huge after party. Oliphine, Nyoko, and Iliphar were able to sneak downstairs and met with the members of the Gold Masks. The Gold Masks are an aspiring smaller faction of the Pale Masks and want to have a larger representation in the major guild. They agreed to give the party information about the castle, if they say that the Gold Masks assisted them in their mission. Information, for information and respect.

The party spent the rest of the night planning their attack on the Crimson Scourge.

Sidenote: Elsewhere in town, Morthos Ænkia uncovers that he is being tracked by an old member of his unit. Morthos is set on finding this guy first, and settling the score.

An Old Vet and a Strange Cat

The party had been teleported just south of Bloodstain Keep and they made their way north through the tropical jungle. They dispatched a few guards that were patrolling and Malak De Valore collected a set of armor from one of them.

They continued their approach from the south and arrived at a broken down cottage. They spent a while discussing their next course of action. They could approach from the south and try to scale the rock face, scale the castle, and attempt to infiltrate that way. They also thought about trying to con their way in through the front door. With no solid plan, they realized they had been followed. It turns out that Nyoko had missed the meeting times by moments, but was able to catch up with the help of Thomas Danton. The party met this new ally and journied NW together. They discovered a Lighthouse nearby and they thought this would be a good place to get information, or stage a distraction.

The party met the man who lived there. A venerable old spartes whom was also a veteran of the Fields of Trayas. He seemed a bit prejudice, but the party made do. After some player antics and the sabotage of the light by Iliphar Chromolux, the party left the old man in peace. Unbenounced to the party, Iliphar had taken the man’s walking stick and the man fell down the stairs to his untimely death.

The veteran had moved to Bloodstain Keep to live with a human woman whom he had fallen in love with. She died many years ago, but left him the lighthouse. He had taken care of it every since. Recently he had made friends with a cat and this cat was more than the party could have guessed.

After the death of the owner the party made their way back to the cottage and tried to make a new plan. The cat eventually found their camp and is now in the car of Jonathon Brisbane. Captain Brisbane convinced the crew that it would probably be best if the party explored the town north of the castle. It would give them more information that would help them form a plan.

The party entered the town, explored many facets of it, and have decided to go to a play. What sort of information will they uncover in the section of the city dedicated to the theater?

Strangers in Fiction
Start again in Sapphire Port

Approaching the sealed gates to the Onyx Pits, Iliphar, Tazar, and Morthos see that there are a couple armed guards out front and they seem to be restricting access. Approaching the guards: they inform them that they have been sealed against the dissident houses, and the goblin threat. If they want access, they will be required to acquire a pass signed by either the king or the head of the guard.

Returning to Blackhelm to speak with the head of the guard, Iliphar receives a letter by raven. The letter explains that it is incredibly important to return to Sapphire Port with extreme haste. Iliphar and company have been summoned by Chancellor Mira Strongtide on the subject of diplomatic negotiations. Morthos has also been summoned by the Academy of Magicka.

Tazar knew that Iliphar and Morthos would leave Blackhelm and probably would not return for a very long time, if ever. Tazar told the other two that he would be staying; he has come this far and it’s his duty as a Stoneblood to take back his lands and redeem his families name. Not for the city, but for himself. Tazar left the group and ventured forth into the Onyx Pits on his own as Iliphar and Morthos were bound for Sapphire Port.

Time Skip:


Morthos and Iliphar, by the sailing of Captain Brisbane on the Invictus, you arrive in Sapphire port. The waters are choppier than the last time you were here. The sky is overcast, and the smell of rain is heavy. The cobble streets and wood docks seem to beg for the rain as the wind steadily pick up. The bazaar on the docks seem to be extending their awnings and they don coats of furs and leathers. The common folk seem to retreat into their homes and the dock help continue to work steadily to get through with their chores by days end. They suspect it may be near noon, but the sky makes it difficult to gauge.

Nyoko, Oliphine and Malak, depart from the carriages riding from Aestra. Each are familiar with this town. It’s the largest port in the Republic of Aestra and is ruled by Chancellor Mira Strongtide. The carriage rides were paid for by their patrons respectively and the driver waves you off as you each descend on your own into the city. To find a Lupin gunslinger and Sun Elf Druid respectively.

As the vessel docks and the crew makes to unload, Morthos leaps from the ship deck onto the docks and makes a bee line for the Pearl Smile. A dry place he can trust. In tow walks an unamused and stoic elf. They both arrive rather quickly to the Pearl Smile. You notice that tonight Thomas Danton is not lending the bar his normal charades and the bar is calm and quiet.

Nyoko, recalled a story of a rather fine inn that is hospitable too all races and is near the center of town. He makes his way toward the town center and sees a large fountain. It depicts the goddess Peliphene as she seems to be fighting off a large many headed serpent. In her hands she holds a mighty scepter and the waves trickle water down into a basin.

Olaphine, knows that a well known informant for the Pale Masks is a frequenter of an inn in Sapphire port called the Pearl Smile. His name is Thomas Danton and he is famous in the Thieves guild for being a smooth operator. She knows that if you are in search of getting a hold of Violet, he is the man who can get her there.

Malak De Valore. Spotting a few of the other travelers from the carriage, he followed their lead. He arrived after a short walk to an inn. It is a humble wooden building on the outside, the logs are stacked laterally around giving a homely yet modern look. The roof is angled equally on both sides and with a splash of cream on the shudders.

Each of them knew that they have meetings through various sectors in town. Morthos is to meet with a mage at the magic academy. Iliphar is to meet with Mira Strongtide once he is prepared. Nyoko is in search of a Lupin and a Sun Elf who are to lead him to a light that will protect the world. Olaphine is to meet with Violet. Malak De Valore …..

The first crack of thunder rumbles in the distance as Malak closes the door to the inn behind him. The sound of heavy rain begins to play it’s song on the city.

Suddenly the door swings open and a drenched Thomas Danton enters the Pearl Smile, with a large grin on his face and breathing heavily. “You guys beat me here, more of you then I was expecting though.”

Thomas Danton discusses the following:

Mira Strongtide has an important errand for this band.

“We were able to fend off the Mystic Dwarf’s attack on the far reach of the Lunastia Confederacy, however we have not put a stop to their plans. Mira will send you on an urgent mission to the Blood Isles. You are to muster yourselves and head once again south. It has come to our attention that sinister forces are being mustered at Bloodstain Keep. It is evident that the Crimson Scourge intends to amass a naval force of his Obsidian Brethren and attack the Bloodchief to the south. The current ruler of the Lands of Kataiga. As allies, we have been contacted by a concerned third party. This time you will not be traveling by ship, it’s too dangerous. We have something of greater speed in mind.”

The party then ran about town finishing a few things. Malak bought an elven longsword, Iliphar remet with the druids and acquired a few things, Oliphine tried to uncover more about the Blood Isles, and Morthos went to the magic school. Morthos found out that the dog he bought in the Lunastia Confederacy is actually a disguised hound with 4 eyes and skeletal like features. A force of death has been trailling alongside him for a long time. What could it mean? Avander Strongtide thinks this is what calls magic to his guns, and why he can’t comprehend the spellbook he gifted him.

Eventually the party met with Mira Strongtide on the following day,

“Merovia calls for your aid this day. Forces are mustering on the shores of Bloodstain keep and we must do what is necessary to prevent a full scale invasion. It seems the Crimson Scourge has called Mercenaries from around the world to band together and siege Port Trasif. Your mission is to go south and prevent the staging from beginning. Speak to the Magic Academy here and they will aid you in getting to the isles in a swift manner. You are being sent to eliminate the Crimson Scourge and remove the Obsidian Brethren from power.”

The mission is as follows:

“You will be teleported just south of the city and will need to infiltrate the keep under the cover of nightfall. It will be heavily guarded, but once you are inside, be sure to destroy the bridge. No one must escape the keep. Prevent all outgoing messages. We have a militia in place that will eliminate the mercenaries that intend on heading south to join the fight. If you do your job, the Spartes can do theirs.”

A Stout Conspiracy
A Country for Old Men

They put the soul of Koth Skulltaker to rest and went on their way after uncovering the blades.

The party then searched the southern tip of this floor and found a blood cultist who was attempting to dedicate this temple to Alegra, however the party kicked their butt, but the mysterious mage disappeared via teleportation, before becoming too bloodied. Who the person was? It’s unclear.

The party then went back to town to try to dig deeper into the conspiracy. They consulted the expert at the museum, but the archivist said that their is no record of any crag dwarven clan with ties to Ensatus.

Frustrated the party went on to speak with the old Lead Commander of the Granite-Guard Unified Army. This old man spoke to them about the issue at great length and told them that there was not much to be done. It was also uncovered that the Stoneblood clan knew of the sinister ties to the war god, and thusly refused uniting with them. This created a lack of trust between the unified dwarves and a few splintered clans. They refused to grant aid when the goblins attacked Stoneblood soil.

The party convinced him that he should have his tale written and released, allow Dwarvenkind to decide their own faith. He said that there is only one he would trust to write such a tale, and have it released upon his death. A Human writer who’s name he has forgotten, but resides in the Astral Plane. The rumored last Human.

The party has decided that they will deal with the Stoneblood clan’s lands first, and then make their way in search of a guide to the Astral Plane.


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