Where Wolves Tread
Tres and his cabin

Arriving back in Sapphire port they were beckoned by Laura ‘Violet’ , who made a deal with them. They would venture north and over the top of the world in order to explore the other side of Merovia. The noble only agreed if he could be informed and a mutually beneficial information exchange could be constructed. As they pressed north they deviated for a bit in order to hunt down and finally slay Typhore Lavareon. Nearly killing the noble, but they all got through it.

After sending their new associate, Jasper the Skeleton Bard (NPC trapped in-between two whistles) back to turn in the bounty, they pressed north once again and came a cross a small cabin just over the North Pole. This was home to Tres. He invited them to stay and found it would be easy for them to hitch a ride with him south when he goes for supplies. He also informs them, WInter Wovles have been tailing them for days. As they journeyed out that morning the wolves became apparent and after some high speed cart/wolf racing them left them in a smoke cloud and scared off the leader.

Reaching the southern part of that section, they got on a small boat and are on their way to a bustling Dust Orc Village.

War of Solta
Defeating the Lycan Army and that Bitch Quilla

Returning from the abyss the party ventured south, back to Sapphire Port. Arriving within a day they went to Mira Strongtide, who they then informed that Sevarion was dead and that there was a Lycan army in Solta planning on attacking Sapphire Port. The party then prepared their gear and traveled to Solta and awaited the armies that they enlisted.

The warlock infultrated the city and faced off with his Older Brother Varis Waylock. He defeated him, but chose to knock him onconcious, head back to Sapphire Port and send him back to his parents in Bilush.

He returned to the party as the Spartes military arrived to assist the Phoenix Elf and around noon the Phoenixian/Sun Elven (Sapphire Port) armies arrived and together with the help of a Crystal Dragon broke through a giant vine wall that Quilla had errected and the war began. Massive casualities and in the end the Phoenix Elven Noble led his men to victory.

The Cleric of Lycrayne, Warlock, and Monk had swiftly made it to Quilla Sundrop’s building as the fight began and fought against her. After resisting many of her enchantments and illusions they slayed her and the city buildings crashed down and the city was now a wasteland of filth and debri.

The party must now find the items that Mira Strongtide asked for and return.

Into the Abyss
Slaying Sevarion

The party regrouped in Aestra and a Cleric of Lycrayne joined their ranks. They then met up with the Warlock’s father who decided to was call to their aid. Noxmarus Waylock. Shortly after that they used a Crystal Dragon’s mirror to enter the abyss. They entered Revlen’s domain by that of a long black metallic and ice encrusted bridge. They entered the Glaciellum, Revlen’s Ice Golem Forge. Journeying through they hopped over gears and convinced Revlen to let them pass on. A cryptic golem gave them many optional paths and they took the fastest path. It led them to the doors of Sevarion, but to gain entrance they had to first slay a horde of Ice Mephits. With little trouble they defeated them, grabbed the keys from their chests and entered the Tsunami’s room. Approaching Sevarion they let no time waste as they yelled at Sevarion that they would kill it. The monk proceeded to Silence Sevarion, the Paladin stunned it, and the new cleric stunned it, making it a classic tank and spank.

The Peliphene Adventure
The Temple and the Rod

Delving into the puzzling hidden temple, our adventures split up from the start. Arawn Waylock passes through a gate and finds himself in the presence of the Kraken, this allows him to sneak by the gauntlet as the rest of the party goes through the rough trials. Through these trails only the Tibbit Thief loses his life to a Great White Shark. The party reconvenes in a great hall that portrays a mural on one side, and on the opposite side of the room stands a monolithic door. Within this great hall though stands a regiment of Blood Isle Legionnaire’s. The Kraken’s hidden “area” is behind the mural. Arawn Waylock convinces the Blood Isle troops to go behind the mural where they are all immediately ripped apart by the Kraken for being heretical in Peliphene’s temple. The party slays the captain swiftly and make there way into the great chamber containing large ice columns and the Staff of Peliphene suspended in divine light.
They have a brief conversation with Peliphene and in a flash of light find themselves on the shore of Sapphire Port, soaked, sandy, and successful. They speak with Mira Strongtide, and off they go again to hunt down Sevarion, “The Tsunami”.

Returned to Sapphire Port
Blood in the Streets & the Beast Below

Reaching Sapphire port, the party convinced the guards to allow them entrance even though the guard warned them of the battle within. Entering the city, it is apparent that much of the city must either be held up in their houses or hiding. Entering the town center, the Tenebris Ignis was grasp from behind be a shade of sorts and heard, "I saved your lives and for that you are welcome, go to the fountain three blocks north and enter if you wish to end this conflict, there you will find the true conflict. Slay your foes or unite the brethren of the dark. The choice is yours, but heed my words, the blood of your friends will fall before this is all over.”

The fountain in the center of town grants them entrance after solving a mechanical puzzle. The fountain which depicted Peliphene lying on a bed of water opened up and revealed a staircase that led them to an underground area. Poorly lit, dank, and filled with pillars, this space was the battlefield for the Thieves and Assassin’s. Stepping in the middle, the party assisted the thieves and split up to gather information about both factions.

In the middle of the conversation there is a sudden explosion within the columned room behind them. As both faction ran into the darkness, the source was soon very apparent. Half the rooms’ columns had been struck down, and there at the end a being stands seemingly alone. The dust cleared and in the cavern where the silhouette of the being stood, stood a man his face obscured. An echo bounces through the room and with it, the man’s voice travels. “The distress you have caused this city is impermissible and for that, I have been released from my slumber. I must thank you, I never thought Pelsiphene would release me, but she is indeed furious… you two warring factions has caused such fear and distress that she has forsaken you… She hoped that I would slaughter you all, BUT… not yet, I am the being that was once feared by all races, and now I will rise again. Await the coming storm for I am Sevarion, “The Tsunami”” In a flash of blue flame, he disappears.

At this point the thieves and assassins made a temporary cease fire agreement, and that the party was called here by Mira, so it must be there job to slay the creature. The party bears the burden well and makes there way to speak with Mira who then also sends them off to face the beast. After going to the library, They convince two ships to escort them into the Maelstrom of Passion, the suspected resting place of the Divine Staff of Peliphene which has the power to slay the great Sevarion.

To Aestra
The treant, and the family affair.

Shortly after docking, they make their way through the Sunwood, towards Aestra. As they set up camp they uncover a Treant who says he will assist them in their travels since they were able to slay the Monstrous Centipedes that had paralyzed it. After coming in contact with an Amber Dragon and hearing the tales that the Treant had to share, meeting an Amber Dragon, and hunting, they made their way to an ancient shrine to Forlas where they communed with the wilderness and they were then transported right outside of Aestra through a door within a tree.
It seems the Treant was also a druid.
Arriving in the city they set up their lodging, bought of few things and was alerted to a play that was going to be put on in the Aestra Theatre. Arwan Waylock stayed in order to view the play and gather information, while the rest of the party journeyed back to Sapphire Port to check in on Mira Strongtide.

The play, entitled “Sunda en’ Dhaera”, revealed an assassination attempt on Leena Solastia. Arwan Waylock impersonated a sun elf and got Quilla Sundrop to reveal that she was in fact working with the Waylock family and that the warlock’s lycan brother Varis Waylock is working with her! Making his way to the basement, the warlock tied up the daughter, impersonated her on stage (poorly), and thwarted the assassination. This revealed the warlock as the lost “dead” Waylock son, causing the Lycan Brother to hunt the warlock. Arwan Waylock made his way out swiftly with the daughter and commandeered a horse and made their way to Sapphire Port a few hours behind the rest of the party.

Cleanse the Dwarven King

Finding themselves in an abandon port, they journeyed into the city to find that the city was falling apart and that the King had indeed forsaken his people.
Falling into the mote of feces and then scaling the wall, Arwan Waylock infiltrated the castle, while the rest of the party managed to convince the guards to allow them to enter.
The king hasn’t held an audience with even his guards in a decade.
When they enter the throne room, Necrol Lazeren has been seduced by Lady Sicilya who they reveal to be a Succubus. Half the party convinces the king to enter his study to hold a meeting with him, and the rest of the party slaughtered Lady Sylvia. The King’s mind is free from her clutches and goes to his people. He dawns his great topaz plate armor and speaks to his people and inspires them to follow him once more.
The Dwarven King makes a trade agreement with Tenebris Ignis, kick-starting the Economy of the Crag Dwarves once again. The Dwarven King then asks the party to deal with an Amethyst Dragon who happily takes leave once it is informed that the King is right again, and the party leaves for a Crystal Dragon in the mountains near Aestra. Little do they know that Aestra too is in peril. It should also be mentioned that the party thief started a thieves guild chapter in Blackhelm.

A Failed Delivery
Riding Bears and Blowing Up Ships

The next morning they left swiftly accompanied by a female Ice Naga escort, and 4 Ice Naga soldiers who were guarding a transporting the Glasssteel chest.

On their way the party encountered a pack of 3 Polar Bears. The most impressive moment of the fight is when the Lupin Blood Sorcerer jumped on one of the Polar Bear’s back and used two silver daggers and ripped it’s head off.


After the encounter they moved on and arrived at the ship. They boarded and came to find that the ship was crewed and led by Dorians. A few Ice Naga were aboard too to ensure the safety of the chest. A few days pass on the ship uneventfully when all of a sudden they are attacked by a Junk Warship. It was part of the pirate fleet known as the Sanguine Heiress.

The fight began, using fire they lit the enemy ship ablaze and slaughtered everyone on it. Some remarkable actions were when the T’sulo Ragnar took a dead Dorian crew member, filled it with gunpowder and threw it at the burning enemy ship causing major damage, as well as the Tenebris Ignis using a concussive spell to crush the ship’s walls and weakening structure. As the enemy ship sank, in the after math, All 10 enemy pirates, 5 Dorians and the Dorian Captain died.

There was morning for the Captain by the Dorians, but the part didn’t seem to care… The Lupin Blood Sorcerer is racist against Dorians.

The days pasted and at the end of their week and a half sailing, they were just arriving to Sapphire Port when the Ice Naga guards below deck made a commotion. It seems that the Ice Nagas killed one of their men because that Naga had failed to notice that the chest had been stolen right out from under their nose.

As the mystery ran rampant, in the end, since it was the Tenebris Ignis’s task, he called it all off and the trail ran cold.

The part took to the streets and the taverns of Sapphire Port and ended within a Bar called the “Pearl Smile” where Arwan Waylock (Disguised as a Sun Elf named Ost Rolan) made contact with Thomas Danton.

Welcome to Merovia!
It began...

The campaign began today…

The party found themselves in a dark and dank room. Locked in bone cages they each found a way to escape them, whether it was T’sulo Ragnar broke through like it was made of paper, the Arwan Waylock picking the lock, or the Lupin Monk snapped of the lock… etc.

The party proceeded to investigate the room and came across a few objects of an Unknown Metal and an age old cage of unknown origin. It’s construction was unlike anything the known races have made up to this point. It’s design was similar to the Dwarves in that it was solid, but the motifs were untraceable.

Moments later they left the room and came across a few bandits around a campfire discussing the raid that they had captured the party on and how they were the last of the bandits left. Something towards the back of this cave had killed all of their allies.

Tenebris Ignis noticed that one of the bandits had a hold of his guitar so the party popped around the corner and slaughtered them all with little resistance. The party split up a bit and investigated, eventually they found a hidden path in the back of the cave by destroying a boulder.

The hidden path led to an unknown variant of a shrine to Forlas. Curious about it, they continued deeper and found a room full of unmarked graves that contained skeletons of beings that had a similar bone structure to the Spartes, but curiously their skulls were wider and had large lower tusks.

Finding another hidden passage they found themselves in a room. On a pedestal sat a chest made of Glasssteel. The chest held a large chunk of raw diamond. The room was full of bandits corpses and it looked as though they all had been boiled alive. It was suspected that the chest was a trap of sorts. After some antics, the bard bound it shut with rope and took it with him. T’sulo Ragnar is very superstitious and wanted no part of the chest, but they took with them anyway and made their way to Frostwail Prisinium.

After talking with Warden Sezix, the party convinced him to ship the Glasssteel chest to Pheonixia and to also grant them passage on their ship. Until they would leave the next morning, the party explored the prisinium, asked questions and met Content Not Found: huvel-icegrip-iix.


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