The Fall of Von Black
The Final Destination

After the defeat of the Shadow Temple, the party delved deep into the Shadow Dark. They had finally arrived to the secret cavern of the powerful God Slayer. Trudging through the darkness they finally found Von Black attempting to complete his master plan. The merge the Shadowfell and Material plane into a world of everlasting darkness. Where madness runs rampant, the Moon Elves are proclaimed the master race, and the Sun Elves kneel before the true High Elves of Merovia.

The party foiled this Storm Sorcerer’s Plans and slew him rather swiftly. Defeating him at last they used the anchor to return to the material plane. The Underdark passageway that it took them to allowed them to the return to the material plane and meet up at the High Magus School in Lunastia. Run by Leshara Nightfang.

The party had made a deal with their newest member, Maximillion De Sand and agreed to go on their final adventure together. To The Abyss to find E’mara and claim a mythical orb fragment and the soul of Arawn’s friend from before the adventure began (nearly 2 years ago in-game).

They ventured into The Abyss, and were escorted into E’mara’s dominion. With the surprise arrival and assistance of Zephestes, the party battled in the Shadow Mistress’s domain. Sol, the Cosmic Spell-Slinger used the book of vile darkness that Von Black had inscribed onto his body to Dominate E’mara’s mind and had her rip her own heart out. The party accomplished its missions and were sent back to the cavern where it all began. All the deeds had been done, all the quests compeleted and with that, many of them went on their way. To maybe find some peace, or what I suspect, new adventures that wait just around the corner.


The Shadow Temple
Burning the Shadows

The party was discovered and through some poor choice words a fight broke out between the students of the shadow temple and our adventurers.

Maximillion De Sand started things off with a bang, or rather, 3 well placed fireballs.

The party then backed up in the hallway and funneled the 64 enemies into the corridor.

Sol created a storm sphere and, joined with the casting of power of Arawn, casted Cloudkill in collaboration with Arawn’s Circle of Death. It made short works of the 35 ninjas, 10 assassins, and 14 Iron Heart Disciples. Lady Del Duska, of course, was in the mix, but she survived the attack on her temple and in the end allowed the adventurers to pass into the hidden doorway that leads into the Shadow Dark. However, Arawn didn’t go into the doorway like his friends. He stood defiantly at the doorway and challenged Lady Del Duska to Mortal Combat!

As the Roc flies...

The party began their adventurer in the black sands where we left them last time. As they finished up their conversation within a Mordekainen’s Magnificent Mansion, the sand beneath where the building had stood gave way to a literal underground railway. This railway, they soon found out, was run by Shade Goblins, similar to their Material Plane counterpart except gray in color and anorexic in appearance. The party asked for their assistance and in a short time they arrived by underground trolley to the Capital City of Zeed, home to another Lord of Madness, Lord Salleek. A short distance away was the House of Crows where Strix calls his own.
After some shopping in the local trading district the party paid for flight by Roc’s and made their way, North East, to the Capital of Umbralar in a short 4.5 days of constant flight. Umbralar was eerily quiet when the arrived and after a failed assassination attempt on the party’s Warlock, Arawn, the party fled and through a supernatural flaw found themselves in broom closet in the heart of the combat training school for the Lord of Madness, Lady Del-Duska. This school teaches the Way of the Shadow, The Diamond Mind Martial School, and Assassination techniques to aspiring assassins. They found out that the school is 80% female and one of them was the party’s monk’s sister.
Venturing deeper into the school they viewed their practices and during an assembly Lady Del Duska seems to have caught our Monk viewing a speech she shouldn’t. What will become of our adventurers? Find out next Monday! :D

The End of the Bone Hills...
... And hundreds.

The party arrived at the base of the spiral staircase and fought against two zombie tyrannosaurus rex who, when given no other option, attacked and tore asunder the Noble Phoenix Elf Bard, Tenebris Ignis. They split him in two in a single turn and swallowed him. The party defeated the beasts and after a moment of silence, proceeded to go through the dungeon. After answering riddles, a chest puzzle that Rena nearly wrecked for them, avoiding a trapped path of lightning, and more riddles, they finally passed the dungeon and met a man deep within this dungeon. His name only one can recall and he isn’t telling, this mysterious stranger gave them the phylactory and served them pancakes and syrup as well as traded with them and oftered them insight. The party resurfaced after this and after returning the sceptor came to find that their caravan and only ride through the desert had been the target of mass murder… by the god slayer, their main focus. The God Slayer beckoned them, spoke at them in Dark Speech, and told them how to find him, he wants them to so that he may end their quest at the end… “Your quest is one of futility” and away he went in a cloud of black smoke. A sandstorm kicked up around our exhausted heroes and a mysterious Mystic Dwarf by the name of Maximillion De Sand arrived and aided these heroes with a Maginficent Mansion he conjured from a scroll. Who is this new adventurer? Will the heroes be able to defeat the God Slayer? Will they get to him in time before the Anchor makes his plans a reality? The heroes better hurry, the sands of time are running out….

The Bullette Train
... and the first steps in the Bone Hills

The party paid for tickets for passage across the Black Sands. 100 gold pieces each to ride upon the illustrious Black Bullete Caravan, it is a series of carts connected to each other and the whole unit is pulled across the Black Sands by 4 Bullettes. About half way through their 4 week journey through the Black Sands they stopped the caravan in order to feed the mighty beasts. As the caravan took a break, our heroes decided to go investigate a big hill on the horizon a mere quarter mile away. The party ventured over, knowing they had a good amount of time before the caravan left, and immediately began combat as they stepped on the hallowed ground. After defeating 30 skeletons and a Lich Crystal Dragon, they went into the black Temple that was within this small necropolis. After entering, the party met an undead Lupin who gave no name, but informed them that the lich dragon’s philactory resided deep underneath them and only those who hold the sceptor (next to him) would be able to venture deep within the Bone Hills. Tenebris grasped on to the sceptor and led the way down a spiral staircase and into a dark path… there they heard the sounds of something in the deep…

To Succuden
Or so they thought...

The partry reconviened today in hopes of exploring this new town within the Plane of Shadow. However, as always, it did not turn out as they had planned. It turns out they actually never got on the carriage to Succuden and in fact they were under mind effecting magic that hid from them that they were actually in a vampire butchery on giant hooks. The party broke away from the spell’s control and proceeded to whoop some vampire butt. After defeating the butcher and his associates, Arawn proceeded to use one of the hooks and cleave away at approaching vampires. Shortly after that incursion, the party made their way to the outskirts of town and hired a carriage. Finally, arriving in Succuden by that evening.

To the Shadowfell
A City Left in Flames

The party reconvened within the underdark on the outskirts of a large Mind Flayer enclave. They stealthed in with little difficulty by using the Pass Without a Trace compliments of their Ranger. The Rogue and Warlock teammed up and incinerated the Brain in the center of the enclave, destroying the communication between them and then setting the onlooker aflame with a Fireball. The Spellslinger swiftly destroyed their praised statue and the party slipped away into the depths. After a few miles of traversing the subterranean passage they came across Tragdelve. Tragdelve is a Crag Dwarven trading community (seperate from the other one on the far side of the planet), and with the help of a Crag Dwarven Rune Priest, they were teleported somewhere randomly in the Shadowfell. This put them in the center of Sangrala, the central vampiric city of the dominion ruled by the Lord of Madness known as Lord Zendion. With some humble talking they convinced the mighty lord to allow them passage this one time, but should they ever return, Lord Zendion said their lives would be, “open season”. The party hopped onto a carriage and away they went towards Succuden.

Returning to the Cavern of Storms
Never Doubt the Worm

Rena, the Tibbit, had been to the Cavern of Storms a few months back, but that was during the time of the secondary campaign.

So Rena and friends delved into the Cavern of Storms to find that the obelisks had shattered, that the ceiling had caved in in certain areas, and new residents had taken up the space, replacing the Lizardfolk society that had lived here a few months ago. The new residents were Mind Flayers and a Gargantuan Purple Worm.

The party met a Fellian Cleric of Velox who, do to the Crusader’s loudness, was attacked by the burrowing Purple Worm and had a leg taken by it. The Crusader heals the gentlemen, the party informed the Cleric that his diety had died and that was probably why there was no wind near this holy place and why the birds had fallen out of the sky like balloons of blood. The Cleric is convinced to follow Ensatus and shortly after this, the Cleric they had met is eaten by the Purple Worm who came back for seconds.

The party, surprised by this great burrowing monstrosity, explored and slayed their fair amount of Mind Flayer and Quagoths. Chun-tee and Rena had an argument about Rena’s compulsive thieving and eventually they made their way deep into the cavern where they entered the final chamber of the cavern. Arawn cast levitate and threw a Quagoth at the Purple Worm, the Purple Worm at it in a single bite and the fight began. The party eventually slayed the Purple Worm, but not before Arawn was swallowed for the 2nd time and the Crusader hacked at the Purple Worm and got it to regurgitate the late Cleric’s bones and Arawn all over him. T’sulo is swiftly eaten after and this marked the end of the great Crusader’s career in the name of the God of War.

The party tied off a rope on the edge of a crag and made their journey into the Underdark, to continue their hunt for the Godslayer.

The Astral Leviathans
You mean Lunar Whales?

After retrieving the coordinates, the party was on their way…

After a few days they came across a solo Astral Leviathan who was on his way to the mating grounds not too far from their. The party speaks with the Leviathan and informs him that they need one of his eyes, the Leviathan is understanding and says that he they escort him their he would allow them to have one of his 16 eyes.

They were soon attacked by creatures that have been hunting for quite a while, Astral Sharks. The sharks were furocious and tore at the Necromanta, but the party defeated the Astral Sharks rather quickly.

Note: This was the first time Arawn was eaten and regurgiated onto T’sulo, the Crusader.

The party defeated the sharks and completed their escort mission, but not after convincing the Astral Leviathans that their species’ name was something that people feared and if they meant well they should call themselves the Lunar Whales, the Leviathans agreed and after the party recieved the eye they had been after, the party returned to the Material Plane.

Soon after returning they contacted Abélard LeBlanc, who created they gate that he promised and allowed the party to teleport to a small island in the far south. The island that held the Cavern of Storms… The temple of the late ex-god Velox

The Great Hunt
The Most Dangerous Game

The party was hired to hunt a Scorponid within the Great Scorponid Gulch. They found themselves in large area with the goal of hunting down a masterful hunting creature with the body of a scorpion and the claws of a tiger. As the party was crossing the Gulch, they came across a bridge. As the party crossed the bridge the Scorpion ran the Tibbit Rogue Rena through the stomach and left her for dead. After a quick burst of attacks, the Scorponid fled to strike again. The party searched, but it wasn’t till the 2nd ambush before they could get their sights on the Scorponid. The Scorponid attempted to slay Chun-tee the Monk, but only partial pierced her side. The party then jumped on the opportunity and slayed the monstrosity.
After milking the creature’s venom, they returned to Charles Thomson who then swiftly formed them a map of the astral leviathan’s breeding paths. The monk also learned about Swordsage and the party hopped on the Necromanta and away they went. :D


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