To Succuden
Or so they thought...

The partry reconviened today in hopes of exploring this new town within the Plane of Shadow. However, as always, it did not turn out as they had planned. It turns out they actually never got on the carriage to Succuden and in fact they were under mind effecting magic that hid from them that they were actually in a vampire butchery on giant hooks. The party broke away from the spell’s control and proceeded to whoop some vampire butt. After defeating the butcher and his associates, Arawn proceeded to use one of the hooks and cleave away at approaching vampires. Shortly after that incursion, the party made their way to the outskirts of town and hired a carriage. Finally, arriving in Succuden by that evening.

To the Shadowfell
A City Left in Flames

The party reconvened within the underdark on the outskirts of a large Mind Flayer enclave. They stealthed in with little difficulty by using the Pass Without a Trace compliments of their Ranger. The Rogue and Warlock teammed up and incinerated the Brain in the center of the enclave, destroying the communication between them and then setting the onlooker aflame with a Fireball. The Spellslinger swiftly destroyed their praised statue and the party slipped away into the depths. After a few miles of traversing the subterranean passage they came across Tragdelve. Tragdelve is a Crag Dwarven trading community (seperate from the other one on the far side of the planet), and with the help of a Crag Dwarven Rune Priest, they were teleported somewhere randomly in the Shadowfell. This put them in the center of Sangrala, the central vampiric city of the dominion ruled by the Lord of Madness known as Lord Zendion. With some humble talking they convinced the mighty lord to allow them passage this one time, but should they ever return, Lord Zendion said their lives would be, “open season”. The party hopped onto a carriage and away they went towards Succuden.

Returning to the Cavern of Storms
Never Doubt the Worm

Rena, the Tibbit, had been to the Cavern of Storms a few months back, but that was during the time of the secondary campaign.

So Rena and friends delved into the Cavern of Storms to find that the obelisks had shattered, that the ceiling had caved in in certain areas, and new residents had taken up the space, replacing the Lizardfolk society that had lived here a few months ago. The new residents were Mind Flayers and a Gargantuan Purple Worm.

The party met a Fellian Cleric of Velox who, do to the Crusader’s loudness, was attacked by the burrowing Purple Worm and had a leg taken by it. The Crusader heals the gentlemen, the party informed the Cleric that his diety had died and that was probably why there was no wind near this holy place and why the birds had fallen out of the sky like balloons of blood. The Cleric is convinced to follow Ensatus and shortly after this, the Cleric they had met is eaten by the Purple Worm who came back for seconds.

The party, surprised by this great burrowing monstrosity, explored and slayed their fair amount of Mind Flayer and Quagoths. Chun-tee and Rena had an argument about Rena’s compulsive thieving and eventually they made their way deep into the cavern where they entered the final chamber of the cavern. Arawn cast levitate and threw a Quagoth at the Purple Worm, the Purple Worm at it in a single bite and the fight began. The party eventually slayed the Purple Worm, but not before Arawn was swallowed for the 2nd time and the Crusader hacked at the Purple Worm and got it to regurgitate the late Cleric’s bones and Arawn all over him. T’sulo is swiftly eaten after and this marked the end of the great Crusader’s career in the name of the God of War.

The party tied off a rope on the edge of a crag and made their journey into the Underdark, to continue their hunt for the Godslayer.

The Astral Leviathans
You mean Lunar Whales?

After retrieving the coordinates, the party was on their way…

After a few days they came across a solo Astral Leviathan who was on his way to the mating grounds not too far from their. The party speaks with the Leviathan and informs him that they need one of his eyes, the Leviathan is understanding and says that he they escort him their he would allow them to have one of his 16 eyes.

They were soon attacked by creatures that have been hunting for quite a while, Astral Sharks. The sharks were furocious and tore at the Necromanta, but the party defeated the Astral Sharks rather quickly.

Note: This was the first time Arawn was eaten and regurgiated onto T’sulo, the Crusader.

The party defeated the sharks and completed their escort mission, but not after convincing the Astral Leviathans that their species’ name was something that people feared and if they meant well they should call themselves the Lunar Whales, the Leviathans agreed and after the party recieved the eye they had been after, the party returned to the Material Plane.

Soon after returning they contacted Abélard LeBlanc, who created they gate that he promised and allowed the party to teleport to a small island in the far south. The island that held the Cavern of Storms… The temple of the late ex-god Velox

The Great Hunt
The Most Dangerous Game

The party was hired to hunt a Scorponid within the Great Scorponid Gulch. They found themselves in large area with the goal of hunting down a masterful hunting creature with the body of a scorpion and the claws of a tiger. As the party was crossing the Gulch, they came across a bridge. As the party crossed the bridge the Scorpion ran the Tibbit Rogue Rena through the stomach and left her for dead. After a quick burst of attacks, the Scorponid fled to strike again. The party searched, but it wasn’t till the 2nd ambush before they could get their sights on the Scorponid. The Scorponid attempted to slay Chun-tee the Monk, but only partial pierced her side. The party then jumped on the opportunity and slayed the monstrosity.
After milking the creature’s venom, they returned to Charles Thomson who then swiftly formed them a map of the astral leviathan’s breeding paths. The monk also learned about Swordsage and the party hopped on the Necromanta and away they went. :D

Cavern of Zelt'krax Pt. 2
Slaying Zelt'krax

The party left the safety of Astral Pool in order to venture deeper into the cavern. They first encountered a fascinating room that was tiled in stone, but the walls and ceilings were filled with inverted pyramids. As they stepped into the room, the room would activate and would blast the area full of amplified soundwaves that hindered the party for a short bit before the party Paladin and Ranger decided to just endure the sound waves and the warlock transported the rogue and monk through with his dimension door. Once they passed through the following doors they made their way up the steps and proceeded to fight 6 Red Slaads and make their way into a quiet cavernous room. They ignored the other doors and made their way into Zelt’krax’s laboratory and after some evasive maneuvers the wizard’s blood painted the floors and the party collected what they needed and returned to Morgthuun. There, they were informed that they would have to go the Scorponid Gulch and collect the venom from the beast’s tail and return it to Charles Thomson, he can then synthesize some astral ink and create their map for them.

It should also be mentioned that the Crusader assisted in the rescue of an Astral Drake being held captive by Zelt’krax and that the Bard returned to his people through Jasper, the Skeleton Bard.

Cavern of Zelt'krax pt.1
A Busy Start

The party begins by being dropped off by Craven Martier and is given an object that will allow them to call The Necromanta back to them to be picked up. This is where the party joined up with a Tygirus Hunter. The party then delved deep into the cavernous dungeon and slayed a great deal of Red Slaads, a Death Slaad, a Beholder, and eventually found their way to a small inside waterfall. The waterfall area was a great place to set up camp and to use the Astral Essence from the water to heal themselves.

Into the Astral Sea
A Human, here?!

As the ship begins to rise into the air, the part views a silver crack across the sky. The crack splits open as a pulse of cold air hits them all, the split reveals something that could be mistaken as silver fabric with a near mirror sheen.

The ship approaches the crag in the sky and a blast of cold air hits them in waves, the pulses hasten as they got closer, but the cold only seemed to penetrate their consciousness, their view was clouded and began to fog over.

As the ship reached the portal, Captain Mortier looked down at the party from the helm and smiled a wicked fang laced smile. “Man is only to realize the door exist, to reach all of his opportunities.”
The ship touched the silver fade and they are all pulled within in a flash of silver and purple light.

As the light fades and their eyes become accustomed to the Astral Sea it was clear that this was what the imagination must look like, behind them, the silver gap closed swiftly and in the wide areas of empty space. The black fabric of empty space was etched with long paths of silver and purple that seem to have no origin, this expanse was populated by large portion of jagged rock and debris. Purple and white lights decorated the cosmos and helped them view the endless expanse.

They ventured to a Gith Port located in the Astral Sea, called Morgthuun. They were cautious while they were there. The Astral Sea and its inhabitants can be as brutal as the weather, which fortunately they hadn’t truly encountered yet.

As they approached this large floating city, it was clear that not all the city was together physically, Gith often create their cities on the backs of dead astral beings, some say they are the old gods, long lost to the material plane’s needs of the millennia. While they were searching Morgthuun, they came across a bar, its title they could not pronounce. Inside they met Charles Thomson. He instructed the party as to how to go about their plans. The quest was rather simply laid out.

1. Give the coordinates to Captain Craven Martier
2. Go to the “Cavern of Zelt’krax. Venture deep within it and find Zelt’krax.
3. Find the scrolls that detail the Astral Leviathan movement patterns.
4. Defeat Zelt’krax and bring his Staff to ”/characters/charles-thomson" class=“wiki-content-link”>*Charles*.
5. Charles will then pay you 6,000 GP for the Staff and fill you in as to how to go about hunting the Astral Leviathans.

Arrival to Almeox
An Anchor and A Godslayer

The party resumed today by finishing their conversation with Fernand Manoury. Fernand told them that their best option was to go to Almeox in search of the Advisor of Almeox, Abélard LeBlanc. It took them a while to get going for many wished to bum around Brel. When they did eventually depart, half way through their short travel time, they happened across a Tygirus highwayman and a few misled Mystic Dwarf associates. The party made quick work by convincing half of the dwarves to go home to their parents and that the Tygirus best stay out of their way. Resuming their trek they arrived at Almeox with nearly no delay. They explored the city a bit and happened across a Colosseum in which mage collectives/guilds can duel. 1 v 1 or 5 v 5. The Colosseum was exciting for the party, they made some extra gold by placing a good bet and learned about the community and the officials. After the fight they eventually met up at a certain café in one of the more renowned noble districts NW of the Colosseum. They informed LeBlanc of their current quest to stop “the Godslayer” and their recent travels. LeBlanc took them to his messy pocket dimensional office in which he told them that they should seek a company of Astral Sea Privateers to take them to the Astral Sea to collect an eye of an Astral Leviathan. With that eye, LeBlanc can assist in creating a device that will allow the party to hunt down “the Godslayer” in the plane of shadow without losing their minds. In the meeting it was uncovered that “the Godslayer”‘s plan was to use the Necrite Anchor of Belziok [An artifact created by Strix and gifted to one of his most devout followers], that it has the ability to pull realms together and that “the Godslayer”’s plan was to use it to combine the Plane of Shadow with the Material Plane and rule over it.
The party was excited to do so and to know what their next clue was. They left right away for a sketchy tavern called, “Swampfang” , they met with Craven Martier and made a deal with his Company “The Necromanta”, and in one week the party will make their way to the Astral Sea… The Realm of Imagination…

The Black Book
Sometimes reading can be dangerous

After arriving at the Northern Mystic Dwarven City, the party needed was referred to a special library in hopes to uncover more information regarding the “God Slayer” his weapon and where he was within the Plane of Shadow. Entering the library/store they find out that the man they are seeking is in the back, Fernand Manoury, and was in some sort of trance. His soul had been captured by the book and the party had to go in after him. While the Evil Cleric of Destiny went around and tried to steal from the Dwarves of ???, the rest of the party ventured into the book in hopes to reclaim the man’s soul. After journeying through a castle of mind related traps and demonic influences they came in contact with a powerful devil, a Vilsteth, and after some banter and getting lost, the party realized the way to escape the book is to write their way out. Breaking out of the book they succeeded in their rescue and procured some information regarding a few of their minor quests.


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