Strangers in Fiction
Start again in Sapphire Port

Approaching the sealed gates to the Onyx Pits, Iliphar, Tazar, and Morthos see that there are a couple armed guards out front and they seem to be restricting access. Approaching the guards: they inform them that they have been sealed against the dissident houses, and the goblin threat. If they want access, they will be required to acquire a pass signed by either the king or the head of the guard.

Returning to Blackhelm to speak with the head of the guard, Iliphar receives a letter by raven. The letter explains that it is incredibly important to return to Sapphire Port with extreme haste. Iliphar and company have been summoned by Chancellor Mira Strongtide on the subject of diplomatic negotiations. Morthos has also been summoned by the Academy of Magicka.

Tazar knew that Iliphar and Morthos would leave Blackhelm and probably would not return for a very long time, if ever. Tazar told the other two that he would be staying; he has come this far and it’s his duty as a Stoneblood to take back his lands and redeem his families name. Not for the city, but for himself. Tazar left the group and ventured forth into the Onyx Pits on his own as Iliphar and Morthos were bound for Sapphire Port.

Time Skip:


Morthos and Iliphar, by the sailing of Captain Brisbane on the Invictus, you arrive in Sapphire port. The waters are choppier than the last time you were here. The sky is overcast, and the smell of rain is heavy. The cobble streets and wood docks seem to beg for the rain as the wind steadily pick up. The bazaar on the docks seem to be extending their awnings and they don coats of furs and leathers. The common folk seem to retreat into their homes and the dock help continue to work steadily to get through with their chores by days end. They suspect it may be near noon, but the sky makes it difficult to gauge.

Nyoko, Oliphine and Malak, depart from the carriages riding from Aestra. Each are familiar with this town. It’s the largest port in the Republic of Aestra and is ruled by Chancellor Mira Strongtide. The carriage rides were paid for by their patrons respectively and the driver waves you off as you each descend on your own into the city. To find a Lupin gunslinger and Sun Elf Druid respectively.

As the vessel docks and the crew makes to unload, Morthos leaps from the ship deck onto the docks and makes a bee line for the Pearl Smile. A dry place he can trust. In tow walks an unamused and stoic elf. They both arrive rather quickly to the Pearl Smile. You notice that tonight Thomas Danton is not lending the bar his normal charades and the bar is calm and quiet.

Nyoko, recalled a story of a rather fine inn that is hospitable too all races and is near the center of town. He makes his way toward the town center and sees a large fountain. It depicts the goddess Peliphene as she seems to be fighting off a large many headed serpent. In her hands she holds a mighty scepter and the waves trickle water down into a basin.

Olaphine, knows that a well known informant for the Pale Masks is a frequenter of an inn in Sapphire port called the Pearl Smile. His name is Thomas Danton and he is famous in the Thieves guild for being a smooth operator. She knows that if you are in search of getting a hold of Violet, he is the man who can get her there.

Malak De Valore. Spotting a few of the other travelers from the carriage, he followed their lead. He arrived after a short walk to an inn. It is a humble wooden building on the outside, the logs are stacked laterally around giving a homely yet modern look. The roof is angled equally on both sides and with a splash of cream on the shudders.

Each of them knew that they have meetings through various sectors in town. Morthos is to meet with a mage at the magic academy. Iliphar is to meet with Mira Strongtide once he is prepared. Nyoko is in search of a Lupin and a Sun Elf who are to lead him to a light that will protect the world. Olaphine is to meet with Violet. Malak De Valore …..

The first crack of thunder rumbles in the distance as Malak closes the door to the inn behind him. The sound of heavy rain begins to play it’s song on the city.

Suddenly the door swings open and a drenched Thomas Danton enters the Pearl Smile, with a large grin on his face and breathing heavily. “You guys beat me here, more of you then I was expecting though.”

Thomas Danton discusses the following:

Mira Strongtide has an important errand for this band.

“We were able to fend off the Mystic Dwarf’s attack on the far reach of the Lunastia Confederacy, however we have not put a stop to their plans. Mira will send you on an urgent mission to the Blood Isles. You are to muster yourselves and head once again south. It has come to our attention that sinister forces are being mustered at Bloodstain Keep. It is evident that the Crimson Scourge intends to amass a naval force of his Obsidian Brethren and attack the Bloodchief to the south. The current ruler of the Lands of Kataiga. As allies, we have been contacted by a concerned third party. This time you will not be traveling by ship, it’s too dangerous. We have something of greater speed in mind.”

The party then ran about town finishing a few things. Malak bought an elven longsword, Iliphar remet with the druids and acquired a few things, Oliphine tried to uncover more about the Blood Isles, and Morthos went to the magic school. Morthos found out that the dog he bought in the Lunastia Confederacy is actually a disguised hound with 4 eyes and skeletal like features. A force of death has been trailling alongside him for a long time. What could it mean? Avander Strongtide thinks this is what calls magic to his guns, and why he can’t comprehend the spellbook he gifted him.

Eventually the party met with Mira Strongtide on the following day,

“Merovia calls for your aid this day. Forces are mustering on the shores of Bloodstain keep and we must do what is necessary to prevent a full scale invasion. It seems the Crimson Scourge has called Mercenaries from around the world to band together and siege Port Trasif. Your mission is to go south and prevent the staging from beginning. Speak to the Magic Academy here and they will aid you in getting to the isles in a swift manner. You are being sent to eliminate the Crimson Scourge and remove the Obsidian Brethren from power.”

The mission is as follows:

“You will be teleported just south of the city and will need to infiltrate the keep under the cover of nightfall. It will be heavily guarded, but once you are inside, be sure to destroy the bridge. No one must escape the keep. Prevent all outgoing messages. We have a militia in place that will eliminate the mercenaries that intend on heading south to join the fight. If you do your job, the Spartes can do theirs.”

A Stout Conspiracy
A Country for Old Men

They put the soul of Koth Skulltaker to rest and went on their way after uncovering the blades.

The party then searched the southern tip of this floor and found a blood cultist who was attempting to dedicate this temple to Alegra, however the party kicked their butt, but the mysterious mage disappeared via teleportation, before becoming too bloodied. Who the person was? It’s unclear.

The party then went back to town to try to dig deeper into the conspiracy. They consulted the expert at the museum, but the archivist said that their is no record of any crag dwarven clan with ties to Ensatus.

Frustrated the party went on to speak with the old Lead Commander of the Granite-Guard Unified Army. This old man spoke to them about the issue at great length and told them that there was not much to be done. It was also uncovered that the Stoneblood clan knew of the sinister ties to the war god, and thusly refused uniting with them. This created a lack of trust between the unified dwarves and a few splintered clans. They refused to grant aid when the goblins attacked Stoneblood soil.

The party convinced him that he should have his tale written and released, allow Dwarvenkind to decide their own faith. He said that there is only one he would trust to write such a tale, and have it released upon his death. A Human writer who’s name he has forgotten, but resides in the Astral Plane. The rumored last Human.

The party has decided that they will deal with the Stoneblood clan’s lands first, and then make their way in search of a guide to the Astral Plane.

Temple and Blood
Shadow of An Empire

Beneath the temple of Ferdin lays a temple to Ensatus. The party uncovered a temple of different architecture including a river of blood. The party uncovered a few passages that revealed statues of the 4 major families of Crythia: Forgekin, Lazeren, Goldbrow, and Gemseeker. Each statue wore one similar item. An Amulet to Ensatus.

The party deduced that the major dwarven clans that would one day unite the majority of them under one banner were worshipers of Ensatus. Skulltaker was a devout follower of Ferdin, thus his tomb is located beneath it, however, it seems that the ‘Twin Razors’ were actually made as relics of Ensatus. Sadly, Skulltaker had no idea that his gladiatorial winnings were really sending the souls of men and beasts to ‘The Claimer’.

The party eventually found the resting of place of Koth Skulltaker and had to fight his wraith. The remnants of the mighty warrior, undefeated in gladiatorial combat.

Temple of Ferdin
Dwarven Sins

The party took a voyage to a cove into the Isle of Crythia and found their way to Blackhelm.

They were on the hunt for a pair of blades that they had learned about via Lost Arms of Mighty Men

This was the first time, in a long while that Tazar Stoneblood had returned to his race’s land. His town was forsaken by them, so it wasn’t too much of a homecoming, but it did remind him of the importance of his journey and the stand he has to make. They geared up, and headed to the abandoned temple to Ferdin. They ventured into it’s depths.

Through traps, necrotic oozes, and hidden passages, they made their way. After a few floors they made their way to the third level of the basement, one not committed to the makers of the world.

Collecting the Staff
A Sticky Situation

The party delved deep into the catacombs where the spiders had come. They slayed many spiders and after a lot of walking in circles found the passage they sought. Within the catacombs, suspended above a huge chasm, rested the staff. The druid used his excellent beast communicating abilities on a few lesser spiders in order to cross on the spider’s silk. Upon their escape the paladin was slain by a spellcasting spider and rest of the party barely made it.

The party returned with the staff, and they were able to convince the druids to keep the staff.

The gunslinger made his way back to the ship with Zifr Liverian (Deceased) in tow. On that journey, Zifr lost his life mysteriously…

The party eventually returned and made their way back to the ship.

Where Ever I May Roam
Tourists of Merovia

Most of the time in this session was walking into different shops searching for plot hooks and then walking away from them.

They traveled from Sapphire Port to New Solta. Upon arrival they did the same thing. Shopping and ignoring plot hooks.

After a few days they finally decided to make some headway on the Sylvan story from the Lost Arms of Mighty Men.

They ventured into the Sunwood and slayed a mighty adult Amber Dragon. The party was led shortly after by a Treant who recognized Iliphar Chromolux. The party was led to the druid grove deep within the heart of Sunwood. They met many druids.

The Arch Druid Glandia Springforth told them that the Black Briar Staff that they sought had been stolen by wicked spiders and they have been unable to use their magic within the catacombs.

Members of Glatius Grove

Arch Druid Glandia Springforth, Circle of Land

  • Kiirian, Sun Elf Druid; Circle of Moon
  • Aquilon, Sun Elf Druid; Circle of Land
  • Lyklor, Sun Elf Druid; Circle of Land
  • Luvon, Moon Elf Druid; Circle of Moon
  • Valair, Moon Elf Druid; Circle of Spirits
  • Cohnail, Half Elf Druid; Circle of Twilight
  • Reezas, Tibbit Elf Druid; Circle of Dream
  • Theame, Tibbit Elf Druid; Circle of Moon
  • Narod, Dust Orc Druid; Circle of Land
  • Zarod, Dust Orc Druid; Circle of Land
  • Borkul, Dust Orc Druid; Circle of the Scale
  • Iliphar Chromolux, Circle of Land
Murder at 15,000 Feet
The First of its Kind

Upon arriving in New Lunastia, the party was invited on a flight by the residing noble, Ambassador Peng Lim Wan. It was the day of his birth and the following evening he would be on the maiden voyage of the first airship ever constructed. The ambassador had invited many nobles that had an unsavory opinion of him as sign of good faith. See the guest list at the bottom.

During the first evening, the Ambassador and Logan Battleborn get in a heated game of craps and Battleborn faults the Ambassador for being a “Knife-eared cheating noble! All elves are filthy cheats!” and wanders off. The High Priest steps in a plays a bit with Ambassador Wan and they have a pleasant evening. The first night draws to a close as the airship approaches a storm ahead. Thunder rumbles around them as it is uncovered that in the dead of night, the Ambassador was killed. The party begins to investigate.

It is uncovered that even though most people had a strong motive, the scent of lavender leads to them believe that either the High Priest or his clergy committed the crime. After ferociously following the leads, they uncover that it was the paladin, Sir Lim Hae Steelcloud. The party quickly eliminated him and tossed the body overboard.

They follow up by assuring that the ambassador’s belongings are inherited by Boulderfist, and they eventually arrive in Sapphire Port a day or so later.



Ambassador of New Lunastia, Lorenzo is tall, black-haired half-elf with green eyes. He bears little love for the Church of Lycrayne for he suspects corruption in all religions, but he seeks peace for the people of his homeland, whose blood has too long soaked the fields of war. He is on his way to Sapphire Port to strengthen ties with the Republic of Aestra and the council.

High Priest Song Hyo Wolfgaze

Opposing Sapphire Port’s ambassador, High Priest Song Hyo Wolfgaze is a Night Elf who seeks to use his influence in his city’s church to sway the people of New Lunastia to stand by him so he can overthrow Ambassador Peng Lim Wan. High Priest Song Hyo Wolfgaze is on his way to Sapphire Port to start a new Church of Lycrayne. He has recently endured an unsuccessful campaign attempt. He is pious and his hair resembles that of a raven. Secretly: Summons beasts to fight in armies across the land and is in the pocket of the Waylock house. 

Logan Batteborn

House Battleborn and representative of Kataiga. He has been sent to the Republic of Aestra in order to see if there are any resources that the spartes could find useful. He is also to confirm whether or not they could become an enemy in the future. He is very untrusting of elves. Logan is a blue-hued black haired Spartes with a temper to match his ruler and a penchant for gambling. When his missives go missing, his anger threatens unrest until they are found. 


& Squire Lin Pho Twinkle 

Bodyguards of High Priest Song Hyo Wolfgaze. Stoic and stalwart zealots of the Church of Lycrayne. Lim Hae’s black locks flow about his sturdy shoulders, and his eyes are a cool gray. Twinkle’s hair is cropped nearly scalp short, and her long face is a stranger to smiles. Her lithe body is indicative of her dedication to harsh training in the arts of war. 


A goblin barbarian, Ambassador Peng Lim Wan’s chief bodyguard. He always seems to give attitude when Wan gives him orders and often ignores him if possible. Secretly: He was saved by Ambassador Peng Lim Wan during the Goblin and Sun War. He is just naturally a dick. 

Joseph North

Legendary explorer, relic hunter, and braggart, North is an egomaniac with no compunction against lying, cheating, and stealing his way to glory. Knowledge (History/Local) 15 DC, they would know of a book called, “The Paradox of Harpies, which details a theory that all Harpies originated as mermaids, and a book series entitled, Why Do Dragons Sneeze, I’ll Tell You because I was There.” Secretly: He was hoping that Ambassador Wan would die and he would try to jump onto the scene and solve everything, so he will be known as the one to solve the death. 

Sea Baron Krot Steeleye

The dashing, arrogant, and ambitious crag dwarf pirate has his eye on Ambassador Peng Lim Wan’s control over the exports of their ports and has been trying to secure his position for years through backdoor organization. 

Jackrin, Skrakes, and Meldin

Baron Krot Steeleye’s bodyguards. 

Todd Binder

Tibbit commoner, he is known to have afforded this ship ride by selling his homestead in New Lunastia. He says his drives are to move to Sapphire Port and start a new life as a student at the magic school. Secretly: Part of the Blood Cats, killing the Ambassador will prevent him from taking up the mantle when Mira Strongtide dies.

Call to War
Blood and Magic

The party received a letter from the Sun Elves that in short, assured the Captain that his crew would 200,000 Gold pieces in order to command a naval defense of a Moon Elf city. The Mystic Dwarves were going to attack the city in order to gain a foothold and would then use it’s shores as a staging ground to attack the Sun Elves.

The party eventually showed up, planned the defense which was one explosive decoy ship and waiting until the Dwarves came ashore and the party proceeded to blow up their vessels. The party came from behind as the city defended and they slowly won the battle. The Mystic Dwarves were taken out, but the Moon Elf Lord of Bilush died. The head of the Waylock Crime family, Noxmarus Waylock staged the death of the Mystic Dwarf Archmage and will now become the next lord of Bilush. A few other things happened, but that’s about it.

The party prevented an all out war, and suspect the Sun Elves are now planning a counter attack to show the Mystic Dwarves who’s boss. There are political reasons for the Mystic Dwarves wanting to attack the Sun Elves. Both to hoard arcane knowledge and because of a certain time traveler, [[:ling-xu | Ling Xu [Retired]], the Sun Elves refused the trade agreement. The Dwarves took it personally and had planned to take the knowledge by force. Han Moonwind who was helping out the party joined up with Noxmarus Waylock in order to find a solution to his contractual obligation to Doaloth. A Lupin Gunslinger showed up on the scene of the fight and is know part of the party.

The Letter:

To Whom it May Concern,

The following information is classified and can only be read by you. After an attempt, ventured by a privately hired squad failed to slow the approach of an Oraclusian Kingdom attack directed at the Lunastia Confederacy, we are forced to withdraw our forces from any secondary objectives. Your orders for the council is as follows.
1) Inform Captain Brisbane that he will be afforded a sum of 200,000 gold pieces and the command of a fleet of 5 smaller vessels for the purposes of this mission.
2) The crew of the Invidious will rendezvous with our allied vessels on the Eastern Coast of the Lunastia Confederacy at the port in Bilush within a month.
3) Your job will be to wait until the Oraclusian Kingdom makes their attack on the City of Bilush. They will attempt to occupy that region and utilize the facilities at the Magus College in order to approach us in a shorter time. Zaito Treehand and Archmage Leshara Nightfang will provide a sufficient defense for the city during the initial attack. When the attack has started and the ships of the enemy are docked, a beacon will fire into the sky. It will be imperative to strike with haste once the signal has been lit. You will destroy their vessels and then assist the fighters on the beachhead.
Once the mission is complete and Bilush is secure, have the Invidious make it’s way to Sapphire Port and they will be justly rewarded with the gold mentioned previously and high honors will be bestowed onto you.

The Council

The Belt of the Dread Emeperor Pt. 3
Traversing the Lost Temple of Krematon

So, they entered the temple and evaded some traps as they traveresed this temple that was in complete darkness. As you know many races get Darkvision so it wasn’t too hard for them, but a few of the puzzles and traps had them stuck for a bit. Eventually they came across a library within the temple that had some interesting texts which I can explain at a later date. The party fought many armored ghouls and eventually a Skeletal T-rex that wore remnants of bardings. The party solved a bit more puzzles and made there way into a private sanctum. The sanctum was a large circular room that had a large black circular mirror positioned on the ground. It looked like it was made of obsidian, but it provided a much clearer reflection. The party noticed at the far end was a throne in which a being was sitting. He was slender, pale, and blue with all the garb of a powerful noble. He wore a few interested items as well as the belt they were looking for. Turns out this guy IS the Dread Emperor Octavian Vesmarias. This guy is neutral evil, but actually very humble and diplomatic (so long as things end in his favor). He agrees to relinquish the belt if the party places a rug (with a teleportation seal) within the Neo Prophetus guild catacombs.

The party also explains to him that the Mystic Dwarves outside are attempting to siege this place and take everything for their own gain. This dark master makes very short work of them and know that he has plans for the party, allows them to leave. (The mystic dwarves became more ghouls to fight for this evil dude). The party hops on their ship eventually and heads back to Black Anchor.

On the way, one of the books that the rogue took has an effect on him. It is a green tome with a large yellow eldritch seal on it (Emerald Tome of the Devourer). The rogue is cursed and has a vision in which he meets with Daoloth. I used all the information from Call of Cthulu’s new book that I showed you to craft the dream vision and the rogue agreed to sign up to start a new cult when he had the time, the agreement was that if the rogue failed to do so before he died. The body would become an avatar for Daoloth to puppet.

The party gets back to port and meets with the Guild Master High Grim, and they set up the portal. The Guild Master meets Octavian “The Dread Emperor” (Who scares the shit out of him) and they converse in Dark Speech in whispers that shake the entire complex. The Dread Emperor seems to have made a deal with the guild master and gives the belt to him. The party is unaware as to what has transpired, but they now see how wide the rivers of evil go. They and the Guild Master are merely standing in the wake of greater forces at work. We’ll see how they handle it.

The Belt of the Dread Emperor pt. 2
The Mine

The Guild Master, Lucious Graveburn, was not aware that there was a Mine near the temple. The Mine was crated by the Crag Dwarves in the mountains that are technically within the territory of the Spartes.

The mine has been kept secret for a long time and provides Mournlode. The party eventually finds this mine and it turns out it was deserted. The excavation at the temple nearby caused earth elementals to rise from deep within the earth and they scared off the crag dwarven miners who fled to their encampment a couple hours away. The party investigated and the druid (Who can speak Primordial) was able to access the situation.

They found the evil elemental, killed it for the protective earth elemental (who couldn’t wage a fight on the other because they are technically both in service of the Plane of Earth). The party assisted and found a secret entrance to the temple that they had to blow through with explosives. The earth elemental wished them goodluck in calming the dark forces within the temple and sealed them inside. (The crag dwarven warden was a dick and basically left a bunch of his minors to die, but that is a smaller tale and can be left out.)


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