Lost Arms of Mighty Men

A Collection of Myths


This tome was written by a human many years ago by Charles Thomson, but was sold to a private collector immediately for a large sum of wealth. It is said that the author used that money to fund a trip to the Astral Sea. Not many have heard from him sense, nor know how he got there. The book was recovered from the Lost Temple of Krematon. It seems the private collector must have either been Octavian Vesmarias or sold it to him. The book is currently in the possession of Tazar Stoneblood.


1) Tale of Kindered Flame A Primordial Tale

A story that details a young girl who was a natural bender of flames. She had a hard time controlling her abilities and burned her own house down. Her parents sent her to meet the village elder who allowed her to communicate with the lands of fire. This young girl made friends with a young fire elemental and it bound itself to her until the young girls dying day. The flame was big and strong, but as the ages passed after her death, the elemental became smaller and weaker. Eventually the elemental too passed back into the lands of fire to continue on, however its love for her friend caused the essence of fire to exist unbound to the laws of the cosmos. The small flame was contained in a lantern and was delivered deep within the lands of her people by her family, until a young mage with a pure heart finds their love again.

2) The First Dragonrider Tale of Dragons

The tale focuses on a son of a Spartes Bloodchief. His name was Morgan Ironmere. His father, Dravin Ironmere expected his son to go out and prove that he was worthy to succeed him. Only by becoming a deadly adversary, could he expect to kill his father and succeed him. Morgan set out with a band of lesser known mercenaries in order to seek renown. They passed into the Mountains of Paleos and fought through many ranks of different magical beasts when eventually they arrived at one of the largest mountains. Dragonspire Mountain contained a great and powerful Rhodochrosite Dragon. Many of Morgan’s allies died in the fight, but Morgan reined victorious. His long sword “Retribution” shatter upon the scales during the battle, but pushed the remnants of the blade and hilt deep into the dragon’s eye and slayed the beast. While looting the beasts horde, Morgan found a dragon egg and took it with him. He raised the beast and became it’s partner within the Mountains of Paleos. Morgan and his Very Young dragon Vorgoratrix became inseparable. Morgan returned to Kataiga in order to claim his ascension and found out his father had been killed and a new bloodchief had risen to power. Cartune Firestarter. Cartune was slain by the savage two and Morgan ascended to the throne. It is said the Vorgoratrix still lives and guards Morgan’s Dragonrider armor up in Dragonspire Mountain.

3) Bigger than We Thought A Giant’s Tale

A cautionary tale written from the perspective of a giant. The forward said that originally the tale had been written on the walls of a Giant mausoleum. The story details a Giant Empire. It was an empire where Fire, Stone, and Hill Giants lived in seclusion and harmony. The mystics had spoken of an omen that during the Year of the Clearing, there would be a drought that the likes of which they had never seen before. It would render the soil poor and unyielding. When this came to pass the giant came down from the mountain to communicate with the inhabitants there. The civilization was of very small creatures who made fire with their hands and moved objects with their words. When the small things saw the Giants come, they thought these creatures were harbingers of their destruction and prepared for war. The story goes on to say that the giants attempted to make deals with these small folk, but the most powerful “word movers” would not agree to any terms that gave the Giants what they needed to survive. Deep within their miniature halls, they crafted a great blade. A Blade that stood slightly taller than themselves, and a mighty shining warrior in metal skin came forth to appose the giants. Many giants were struck down and the Giants were forced to flee. This led to a great famine and the decline of these Giants. None know how many still remains.

4) Dryad’s Kiss A Sylvan Tale

A farmer who worked the fields near a golden wood spent every moment of her long years working the fields and preparing for a bountiful harvest. She rotated her crops yearly and would spend her nights singing to her crops. She was a widow to her husband who went off to fight. He was slain and the lands were left to her. Her harvests yielded more than her husbands’ ever did. One misty morning in Autumn, a dryad left the protection of her groves to meet with the widow. The farmer and the dryad could not speak to each other, but the dryad for many years came to her fields and spoke to the crop in the early mornings. Late in the widows life she grew too weak to care for the fields like she used to and cried every night after she was bed stricken until one day the dryad came to her on her bed of rest. The dryad kissed her and showed that even though the widow has become ill, the fields were being taken care of. When the widow finally passed away, the fields and home were taken into the golden woods and the women’s body become a staff that could be held by those who love woodlands and care for nature like she did. The staff is said to be lost to the golden woods and only the tree speakers know where it rests; in the arms of the dryad who has also passed since those days of old.

5) We Know Fear An Infernal Tale

A powerful cleric of an ancient order once rose against a powerful necromancer. The Order of the White Rose was determined to bring the light of Paleos to the far reaching empires around the world. The head cleric of the order, a human named Brian Foley led the final assault into an ancient keep far south of their empire. They brought down a powerful warlock named Kevel the Black. Before the final blow was struck, Kevel udder a wicked curse, and as the mace crushed Kevel’s skull, a black magic poured forth and wrapped around the cleric. Foley’s skin was savagely burned and flayed, and the iron of his mace was transformed into a deep black metal. The head of the mace took on the appearance of 3 separate screaming skulls. As Brian laid dying with the mace in his hand, his fleeing clerics heard his last words, “May thee who collects this weapon, bring war upon the undead and the daemons of old. God rest your souls.” The temple ceiling fell in atop Foley, and he was never heard from again.

6) The Twin Razors. Dwarven Tale

A mighty Dwarven gladiator from long ago before the Clans were so few. His name was Koth Skulltaker. He was a mighty gladiator who never lost a single match. The tale tells of how he was born from a female gladiator and was raised in the pit. His success won him many fans and spiteful enemies. He refused to take a bribe and said that, “None would trade his soul, crafted by Ferdin, for simple trinkets made by a mortal”. His devotion won him the interest of a great craftsman, Benjack Forgekin. Forgekin crafted a pair of butcher cleavers that were the size of short swords. These were shapes with wicked serrated edged that never dulled. Their hilts were engraved with ancient dwarven runes, and the pommels were connected to large magical chains that could bind to the user. Koth Skulltaker was the undisputed champion until his death from pneumonia at the old age of 178. His blades were buried with him in the tomb of blood. The Skulltaker bloodline died with him, but no-one dares enter the tomb deep within Crythia. Many say his spirit lingers waiting for a worthy challenger.

7) Power of the Mind Deepspeech Tale

Deep within the earth of Merovia there exists an ancient Kingdom. Race that lived beneath a complex of Illithid tunnels were said to be touched by the Elder Brain above them. The race developed psychic abilities that were reminiscent of their squid-faced neighbors. The Illithids often viewed this race with contempt and refused to communicate with them. The king of this race was a being that adorned himself in armor that was likened to Emeralds. He held many conferences with the Illithids nearby who tried to pry into his mind and was never successful. It is said that his helmet was able to strengthen his power of resistance against the abilities of the Illithid Slave Masters. After a war with the Mind Flayers it is said that these people retreated through a portal to a land where the power of the mind is the true god.


After writing the last story, I went to this far off place of the mind to find these people and have lived with them. Their king is just. Learning their ways has been both a privilege and a pleasure. May those who read this tome know that I’m still out here finding things for those who are willing to push the envelope of world we know, for the worlds we don’t.

Lost Arms of Mighty Men

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