Yuki Scorchleaf

Leads the Children of the Phoenix


Phoenix Elf
Swordsage White Raven


Sister to Katzumi Scorchleaf. While her brother rose through the ranks to become the youngest Shogun in Phoenix Elf history, Yuki practiced her skills as a sailor, a martial artist, and as a leader. She took to the sea after her brother earned his title and felt that she had been ignored by her family. When her ship went missing near the Crimson Isles, she was assumed dead. She has seemingly risen from the dead and as a dangerous privateer. She refuses to trade outside the Phoenix Elf fences or the Crimson Isles. She has believed that her family wanted what was best for him and that they would never recognize her natural ability to command.

She commands a pirate-band that has carried out attacks along Spartes and Sun Elf Trade routes. They would repair any combat ships that they found and scavenged other ships for parts. Only very rarely did they sell captured cargoes or vessels, as they instead used all captured items to support the fleet. They usually left their victims alive, only killing those who resisted them.

She and her crew signed a pardon and are given the opportunity to return to society as farmers or enlist in the military.

Yuki Scorchleaf

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