Yorvarax Ragnar [Deceased]

The Lost Brother


Obsidian Gemscale
Vengeance Paladin of Lepton & Ignis 7


Was born into a peasant family, T’sulo Ragnar (Deceased), a mother, and father. They were healers by trade and did a lot of service for the temple of Ensatus. Mostly, providing herbalism for the wounded who returned home from excursions.

When King Lavarean destroyed the city, Yorvarax thought his whole family died, thus he took it upon himself to hunt down the evil king, however during his adventure south he found out the the King had been slain by a band of mercenaries up North and thusly decided to take the war to the Crimson Isles in the South. The bastards who wore the same crest as the King.

After paling around with the pirate crew of the Invidious, he has nearly died countless times, but has against all odds made it through the day. After being slain temporarily by Lucious Graveburn and having his god at the time Erythra remove her patronage from him, he then spiraled downward and had to find a new way to seek vengeance against the Blood Isles. Yorvorax went to the Phoenix Elf Collective, to the City of Fyrmiro where he went to the temples and watched festivals that celebrated Lepton & Ignis. After reading their holy book and making through their ancient temple to receive their blessings, we was returned to the party and has since tried to make a better man of himself. Someone worthy of the Phoenixes’ fire.

His last entry was before entering the catacombs of large spiders. While venturing forth into the cavern with the party, we was slain by a large arachnid with the power to cast spells. His unconcious body was captured and taken deep into the webs.

Yorvarax Ragnar [Deceased]

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