Typhore Lavareon [Deceased]

Bounty Turned In


Ruby Gemscale Dragonborn
Oathbreaker Paladin


Legendary for being the only Ruby Gemscale in Merovia and also being the most horrifying being in the region. Typhore was once the King of Drak, a Gemscale City-State, but when he “cleansed” the entire city as an offering to Ensatus, things went downhill fast. He then attempted and nearly succeeded in conquering his neighboring city-state, Ionon. Luckily the High Guards of the region stopped him. He was imprisoned in a jail cell for his crimes against his people. This prison is located in the north part of the dominion. Called Frostwail Prison, and yet he still managed to escape by burning through his stone muzzle and chains, burned a hole through the earth and took off into the eastern tundra of Glation Valley.

Report by the Dominion of Gemscales

If Typhore Lavareon is spotted, report it to the assembly immediately. Do not attempt to reason, capture, or kill Lavareon. That being said, there is a bounty on his head for 15,000 Gold pieces

Typhore Lavareon [Deceased]

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