Tazar Stoneblood (MIA)

Keeper of Steel


Crag Dwarf
Barbarian Path of the Battlerager


After the siege and constant battle within his clan’s caverns, he left his home to acquire power in forms of weapons and armor. He wishes to one day return and clear out his clan’s caverns. Striking down the goblin invading forces, once and for all.

He assisted the party in securing the Mournlode mines on the west coast of the Mountains of Paleos, for the Crag Dwarves which allows Forgekin to get supplies at a greatly reduced price.

Tazar has since left the party to venture into the Onyx Pits and return to claim his family’s land from the goblins that took it and his kin many years ago. He was last seen entering the Iron Gates just outside of Blackhelm.

Tazar Stoneblood (MIA)

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