T'sulo Ragnar (Deceased)

Slayer of Typhore Lavarean


Obsidian Gemscale
Vengeance Paladin of Ensatus lvl 12


Was born into a peasant family, one brother ( Yorvarax Ragnar (Deceased) ), a mother, and father. They were healers by trade and did a lot of service for the temple of Ensatus. Mostly, providing herbalism for the wounded who returned home from excursions.

When King Lavarean destroyed the city, T’sulo thought his whole family died, thus he took it upon hmself to hunt down the evil king, and strike back with all of his hatred and deliver the “overlyfull” soul of Typhore Lavarean to The Claimer.

He joined the “1st season” of adventurers to the north in a carvan. His plan was to use this passage to track down the escaped mad king, find him in the Black Tundra, and slay him. He was successful. Without a new goal, he joined the adventuring party to see the world and to protect this “new” family.

He was killed while adventuring into the depths of the Cavern of Storms after saving the life of his friend Content Not Found: arwan-wylock. (See Returning to the Cavern of Storms )

T'sulo Ragnar (Deceased)

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