Sevarion [Deceased]

Elder Hydra of the Sea


Elder Hydra
Gargantuan Monstrosity, Unalighned
AC: 17
Hit Points: 225 (18d12 +108)
Speed 40ft, Swim 40ft

Str 23 Dex 12 Con 23 Int 8 Wis 11 Cha 8

Skills: Perception +10
Senses: Darkvision 60 ft, Passive Perception +10
Challenge: 12 (8,400)

Hold Breath.
Multiple Heads.
Reactive Heads.

Multiattack. 1 for each head

Bite. Melee Attack Weapon. +12 to hit, Reach 15ft, One Target.
Hit. 17 (2d10 +) Piercing Damage.


The “The Tale of Melaina” details a maiden who was a very forgiving cleric of Peliphene. As a cleric she would often heal and go out of her way to help her people. One evening, a great five headed blue serpent attacked the ancient Sun Bay. Melaina paralyzed the beast and had the serpent moved to the sea. She said that the monster was terrifying and asked Peliphene to take the beast back to the aether and spare them such horror. Peliphene took the beast into the sea and when she went to alter its form, a being of darkness stole the essence of the great serpent and then transformed the serpent into a man who rose from the pits of evil and returned to Sun Bay. The being called itself Sevarion and with its might it nearly destroyed all of Sun Bay, but as the beast ripped Melaina’s family to shreds and before her death Melaina, thrust her staff of Peliphene into its head and uttered a prayer that declared the beast would be a offered to Peliphene as a sacrifice, this devout action caused the sea to rise into a tower woman who gripped the beast and pulled it into the sea trapping for all eternity. When the beast was finally gone and the city returned to its normalcy, they renamed Sun Bay to Sapphire Port. It would be the city that was saved.

Devotion delivers you to the sea, the chaos of the sea keeps you safe.

Sevarion [Deceased]

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