Sable Coalbite (Deceased)

The Crimson Scourge




Originally a spartes mercenary for a group known as the Nightwolves. The mercenary company was hired to fight alongside Prog Trasif in the war with the humans. Upon the destruction of the humans, Sable Coalbite led his army south and took the Bloodstain Keep for him and his company. With the money that they were afforded for the war efforts, he equipped his new “Obsidian Guard” with the finest armor he could muster. No longer clad in piecemeal armor, they stood watch over his new claimed dominion.

Sable Coalbite was know known as the Crimson Scourge. His guards would rule the Blood Isles and keep it secure from all worldly powers. He has collected art from around the world and keeps it within his castle that was rebuilt with the help of his alchemist Caliban.

It is said he is calling for all mercenary guilds of the near lands to come to Bloodstain Keep in order to siege the Lands of Kataiga and claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Sable Coalbite (Deceased)

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