Prog Trásif "The Bloody" [Deceased]

Legendary Bloodchief of Kataiga


Berserker Barbarian


Known as the greatest Spartes that ever lived. Prog Trásif was the Bloodchief of Kataiga for 40 years. He died at the age of 60 at the hands of the new Blood Chief… Demetry Arvanitus. Trásif’s renown comes from his abilities on the battlefield. He was the lead commander in the war within the Fields of Trayas. The Fields of Trayas, which is now known as the “Red Fields of Trayas” were once home to another race, a race called Humans. They shared alot in appearance with the Spartes, but their attempts at aggressive expansion from the Fields, led them to an all out war with the Spartes. Though the Spartes had superior man power, the Human’s had better equipment and wiser strategists. Though the Human commander, Thomas Blinkwell led his men to many victories. Trásif was stronger and more cutthroat, he allowed hundreds of Spartes to die to get a foothold in the Fields and once they did, he moved in… at the front of the line and lay waste to each city within the Fields. His speech before the final push was heard by each Spartes there and was written down and inscribed on many of their shields by the end..,

“No human shall breathe the air of the Spartes, and each city will be cleansed. Cleansed of the filth these humans bring, and together we will desecrate these lands and leave them nothing, and take from them the one thing they hold dear… Hope…None shall recall the day that the humans lived among us. We are the righteous Spartes of Kataiga. Send their blood to Ensatus’s throne!”

Prog Trásif "The Bloody" [Deceased]

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