Octavian Vesmarias

The Dread Emperor


Male Undead Moon Elf
Shadow Sorcerer ??


Octavian was the child of the powerful royal Vesmarias family, back when the Sun, Moon, Phoenix Elves were all part of one nation.
In his youth he found that we was naturally connected to the plane of shadows. Some say it was a star sign that was above the home where he was birthed, some say it was the greed of the parents that tainted his soul, but other non-superstitious folk suspect it may have just been coincidence.
Octavian in his young adult years passed into the plane of shadows in hopes of learning more about his gift. He studied with some of the most powerful Lords of Madness and developed powers that would frighten any mortal. None knew that Octavian still lived, nor that he was hidden away at the Lost Temple of Krematon. The temple contained a Black Mirror that allows him passage into the plane of shadows and it is supposed that device allowed him to cross back into the mortal realm. The party found him while seeking a powerful belt for the Neo Prophetus Guild Master, High Grim.

Octavian Vesmarias

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