The Wandering Priest


Cleric of Life


He remembers the night he became the brightest beacon of Solta. The day had been like any other, farming on the outskirts of the city. His harvest had yielded very poor quality produce and at an even smaller rate than the year before.

That night he dreamt of an all consuming darkness, one that left the world in darkness and only the capital Aestra and one other far off land in light.

He awoke that morning, packed his bag and set forth for Aestra to become a priest of the light, a follower of the god Paleos. If the world is to be consumed in darkness, he will be if nothing else, the last glimmer of light.

On his way out of the town he spotted armies on the march towards Solta. He knew that he may not be able to do anything now, but he will head this lesson, and next time be ready to help.

Arriving in Aestra with a handful of gold, a tired horse, and the diminishing supplies of his journey, the temple to paleos seemed to glimmer in the fading sunrise.

Within the tower, behind heavy oak doors was High Priest Father Milvenus Sunspeaker.

Milvenus said that one who is ready to embrace the light and would hear his wisdom of life, is welcome to stay for as long as they need.

By doing chores for years, he eventually became recognized as a wandering priest for the church, aiding nearby cities and it’s people with the words of the Priest of Thorns.


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