Noxmarus Waylock

Head of the Waylock Crime Family


Moon Elf
Nightmare Warlock
~ Has a Pact with E’mara & Strix


Little is known outside of the family. The general consensus is distrust, because no one is sure how he amassed such power in such a short amount of time.

The assumption is that he funded the Confederacy’s split from the Republic of Aestra and that his trading in illegal merchandise and slavery has allowed him these luxuries.

Noxmarus’s most recent appearance was in Bilush during the “Battle of Water and Sand”. The party was able to successfully slay Archmage Bernard Marc Elliat, however at the last second, using some sort of necromancy, Noxmarus puppeted the body of the Archmage and made it appear as though he delivered the killing blow. After the death of the previous Lord of Bilush, the late Jong Soo Moonfold, Noxmarus ran a platform on the idea that he was the slayer of the savage dwarven enemy and that he can defend the city he loves so much. Many people know that he is untrustworthy and has deals with devils, but no one stands to oppose him for fear of their own lives.

Noxmarus Waylock

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