Morthos Ænkia

Soldier of Smoke


Male Lupin


Born in the City of Crusix and from an upstanding military family, young Morthos adapted to a lifestyle of semi-impoverished living as his father work diligently and was often out scouting for the Lupin recon detachments. His father would take him out on his military leaves and they would camp in the wilderness and his father would spin tales of his travels to young Morthos. Inspired by his father’s bloodline being composed of loyal soldiers of Lupin society, he knew that we would follow in his father’s footsteps.

Eventually, Morthos enlisted into the Lupin military and was talented in the use of the short bow and flintlock pistols. He wore a bandolier for a long time that contained a series of pistols that allowed him to fire multiple times in a battle before he had to reload. After his father died in an unfortunate counter ambush from a series of poison arrows, he made it his life’s duty to prove that his father had not died in vane by following to such an un-pure enemy.

Many years later and many battles in the Valley of the Moon, Morthos made sergeant of his own infiltration unit. Unlike his father, he controlled a squad that would follow up with the information granted by the scouts. Morthos led a team of 6 other individuals and infiltrated a werewolf training fort in the North. While they were about to spring their trap, the other members abandoned their posts and left Morthos to attempt the ambush by himself. Morthos barely made it out of the outpost alive and found his men awaiting him outside. They attempted to gun Morthos down. The gunfight between the Lupins left 3 of the traitors dead and left Morthos bleeding in the mountain pass.

Morthos steeled his resolve and his hatred kept him alive long enough for a small recon core to find him. He was returned to the Lupin camp and swore he would seek revenge for this treachery.

It was uncovered that the other men in his detachment had received monetary bribes from the enemy and we paid to step aside. Morthos has set his sights to the rest of the world on the trail to hunt down the treacherous cur who left him dying. Along his travels he met a Fellian gunsmith of House Cazamir who, after hearing his tale, made a pair of amazing repeating,cylinder revolving pistols that leave his enemies in pieces.

So far, Morthos has found one of his betrayers, and he is searching for clues to the last two. He heard one is north in Aestra, but that was weeks ago, and the trail of the last one has gone cold. Where are they….?

Morthos Ænkia

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