Maximillion De Sand (Deceased)

The Planar Scholar


Male Mystic Dwarf
Spellsword Abjurant Champion


A scholar at the Ecole de Supremetie, was the lead researcher of Planar studies and the Shadowfell. After assisting a party, 15 years ago, he returned to the school to assume the position as Archmage.

After receiving funding from the Kingdom of Oraculum, he was able to fuel his research in designing a device of free energy, sustained by siphoning power from the plane of shadow. The party arrived and convinced him that his work was flawed and that his assumption that the Shadowfell is a parallel entity and doesn’t intersect is flawed and would cause a devastating outcome.

Maximillion agreed to a micro-version of the test and in this attempt was sundered from hip to shoulder and died immediately. Maximillion’s device was destroyed in the molten sea of the plane of fire, and the research was destroyed.

Maximillion De Sand (Deceased)

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