Malak De Valore

Hand of Ensatus


Paladin Oath of Conquest


De Valore is a lower noble family within the Lands of Kataiga. His father Sir Raven De Valore fought alongside Prog Tr├ísif “The Bloody” during the war in the Fields of Trayas. Born into this noble family after the fall of Humankind, he made it a life goal to join the Temples of Ensatus and continue to push the envelope of the Spartes homelands, and to keep ahold of them at all costs.

During his experiences with the Temple, he became aware that there were heretics to the south that were determined in using the religion of Enstatus as a reason to grip the Blood Isles in a perverse clutch; these lands must be returned to the Spartes.

Malak De Valore

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