Leshara Nightfang

Moon Elf Archmage of Lunastia


Female Moon Elf
Evocation Wizard


Leshara Nightfang is also a very prominent part of the Lunastia Confederacy. Since the split of the High Elf races, she took it upon herself to create the first Mage College in Merovia.

During an incident regarding a Werewolf infestation, she blocked out the moon with an illusion and stuck down each of the vile creature with bolts of white lightning. It is suspected that the Moon Elf rebellion owes a lot of the success to her power.

Many know Leshara by her wrath…

“Archmagus Nightfang, her kindness is lost among the gifts of Mish, while her rage is unmatched by the strongest Bloodchief.”

- Charo Willowbend, Confederacy & Company

Leshara Nightfang

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