Monk Without a Past


Crag Dwarf
Way of the Drunken Fist


“Lefty” is not sure what he was doing so far south, but when he ship wrecked in the South, he awoke on the shores of the City of Genmora. It was a popular sea side town that traded with the phoenix elves in the north and the Lupins in the Northeast. It seems the folks there didn’t have much info in-regards to why he was in the area to begin with, but a school of martial arts offered him a place to clear your mind and to train your body. It’s easy to start anew when you don’t know where you came from. The amnesia hasn’t passed in the many years he trained. The school taught three major disciplines. The Way of the Open Hand, the Way of the Four Elements, and lastly, the Way of the Drunken Master.

His master’s name was Master Ryugen Windsheer

Lefty taught his own pupils for a short time before recently he was asked by Ryugen to seek out his past.


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