Lectan Nightroad

A Guardian of Amani


Horizon Walker & Inquisitor ??


He say that the realm, Amani, was formed by the cataclysm caused by a new founded friendship between a god of justice and the god of nature. A contract was signed that they would create a world and in this realm the gods would stay quiet. The gods agreed that the people should find their own path, if someone became a follower it was through study and not through divine influence. They decreed that if the mortal beings on this planet were to rule themselves they would need guidance. After a millennia the guardians were established.

The guardians are a select few that are, as their name implies, protectors of the plane from temptations of the ever vigilant evil deities.

Lectan earned the title of the Guardian of the East. The deeds are unknown to the realm of Merovia.

Lectan Nightroad

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