Katzumi Scorchleaf

Youngest Shogun Lord


Phoenix Elf
Knight of the Order
Desert Wind Swordsage


Along with Yachi Embercloud, and Tashiaki Flashbranch, Katzumi is one of the three shogun lords of Phoenixia. He is also the youngest of the three at a mere 200 years old. He is said to be driven by combat and he has yet to take a wife for the fear it will interfere with his military duties.

He serves the will of the phoenix unwaveringly. In his adolescence, he joined the Knights of the Burning Dawn and was in service to the order and the military for many years. After the betrayal and inevitable death of Leilon Firewind, Katzumi was asked to take the Throne of Fire. His blood however is not of noble descent, so they needed to justify this ascension. This was circumvented by allowing him to become the next Grandmaster of the Knights of the Burning Dawn. Being both the King and Grandmaster has put him in a delicate situation. With the help of the other two shoguns, he is able to keep the people comfortable, and has become the most noteworthy and approved figurehead in all of Merovia’s history.

Katzumi Scorchleaf

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