Kane Forgekin

Proprietor of Leviathan Teeth Arms


Male Crag Dwarf

Adventures and mercs need weapons, and this store, the preeminent weapon shop in Black Anchor, provides them. Leviathan Teeth Arms spends a great deal of coin to ensure that it has a near monopoly on the more powerful magical weapons bought and sold in the city. Weapons with an enhancement bonus of +1 can be purchased here for 10% the usual price. Any weapon can be sold for 40% of it’s market price, to a maximum of 10,000 gp. The owner is a Crag Dwarf named Kane Forgekin. Clan Forgekin runs this forge and the nearby mine. He has a special set of armor that he wears when he goes hunting for materials. A set of Adamantine Full-plate, and a Darksteel (adamantine + essence of the shadowfell) Warhammer. Both created by himself.


Kane Forgekin left Blackhelm in order to seek his fortune and spread the expertise that the Forgekin clans has offered for the last thousand years. Kane is descended from the mythical blacksmith Benjack Forgekin who is said to have forged mighty weapons for heroes who deserved them. The Forgekin Clan has also always been a devout follower of Ferdin and even to this day the two names seem to come hand in hand.
Kane is also a powerful warrior who seems to know how to wield the wears that he pedals and even the Obsidian Guard give him a wide birth in order to not offend him. He is also known as a very kind and honorable man that none in Black Anchor thought would come, but he has certainly made a home for himself and plans on sticking around until the next big opportunity.

Kane Forgekin

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