Jonathon Brisbane

Rising Captain


Awakened Mystic


In his youth, Jonathon Brisbane’s name was Marius Gawain, he was an indentured child laborer. He was held captive by a fieldmaster in Ironmere. At some point he escaped captivity and fled to Whitesand Bay to escape the country that failed him.

Marius became a pirate and the protege of the notorious Captain Venom. When Venom retired, Marius took on a new name, so as to not be recognized as Captain Venom’s Quartermaster. After sailing for Whitesand Bay’s naval crew for a few years, he returned to the Crimson Isles to seek his fortune.

During his 3rd hunt, he was boarded by the Waylock Fleet. He gained renown when his ship, The Wicked was run aground and its cargo was taken by the Waylock Pirate Fleet. Before the rivals could get the cargo to the Waylock Estate, the Captain and a group of his sailors invaded the vessel at night, slayed all opposition on board and sailed off with their cargo and the Waylock Fleet Caravel named The Carmine Sea. They renamed it, The Invidious.


Notable Crew Mates:

Quartermaster Kyle Remington (Spartes)

1st Mate Marlon Ogden

Chef Norward Ashley (Spartes)

Partial Members of the Crew:

Han Moonwind (Moon Elf Witch Stalker)

Marven ??? (Spartes Necromancer)

Laura Binder (Human Cleric “wisp”)

Jonathon Brisbane

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