Jack Venom

Captain of the Venom's Raiders


Swashbuckler ??


Since his retirement, many crews are out searching for his cave, for the money, and the bounty on the Captain’s head.

He captained a crew that was fragmented when the Spartes grew weary of their activities. It is the first time the Lands of Kataiga created a fleet for the purpose of hunting down and destroying a pirate crew. The first nautical manhunt ever recorded. 10,000 gold pieces. He was wanted for the capture of Spartes cargo valued to 5,000 platinum pieces and the mighty lord-o-war Wavehammer. He also captured The Bulwark, a Spartes trade vessel of 2,000 platinum pieces. Jack Venom took his ill gotten gains and retired in an unknown location. It is said to be called “Shale Cave”.

Jack Venom

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