Han Moonwind

Hand of Daoloth


Moon Elf
Witch Stalker


The party met Han on their first few days of travel. The Invidious was attacked by two yachts controlled by the Nightwings. After the Invidious blew them away, they investigated the less wrecked of the two. Down in the belly of the vessel they found Han and a cook, who’s body laid next to him with a large knife in his chest. Han says that the cook killed himself, he said he was too afraid of what the boarding crew would do to him.

The party, under the authorization of Jonathon Brisbane, allowed Han to join the crew. Han says that he snuck aboard the ship to seek passage that would take him away from Bloodstain Keep. Han went to Bloodstain Keep to take down a powerful Blood Sorcerer, but he was betrayed and the Obsidian Guard cut off his pursuit and Han was forced to depart. He is a bounty hunter and his specialty is taking down mages. If there is something to be gained he is up for it, and he can quickly adapt to new groups of people. Fitting in is easy for Han.

He now sails on the Invidious and even helped take down a younger Onyx Dragon with the crew and a few other hired hands.

He told the crew after boarding that the Captain Jonathon Brisbane is a powerful Mystic.

Han helped the crew infiltrate the Lost Temple of Krematon and uncovered an old tome, Emerald Tome of the Devourer . The party met with Octavian Vesmarias and convinced him to give up the Belt of the Dread Emperor by agreeing to place a portal within the Neo-Prophetus Guild catacombs in Black Anchor. While making their way back to Black Anchor, Han had a trance vision where he met with Daoloth and signed away his body & soul. He will create a new cult of Daoloth, and if he should die before his deal is finished, his body will become Daoloth’s avatar.

Han Found the Emerald Tome of the Devourer which held information about what Daoloth is. 

Daoloth dwells in dimensions beyond the three we know. His astrologer-priests are said to be able to see the past and the future and even how objects extend into and travel between different dimensions.

Daoloth’s indescribable shape causes viewers to go mad at the sight of him; thus, he must be summoned in pitch-black darkness. If not held within some kind of magical containment, he continues to expand and expand—perhaps even at an infinite rate. Those enveloped by the god are transported to utterly bizarre and remote worlds, usually perishing as a result. Daoloth’s worship is rare on Merovia.
One request that can be made to Daoloth, magically contained, is to view things as they really are, not as our veiled senses perceive them. The sight is more than one can bear.

Han Moonwind

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